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  1. What’s this thing from? Pretty sure it’s not from a curling iron…

    Found this in the rear passenger seat of the truck floating around…. It’s a hard rubber- but don’t see any similar fittings anywhere else in the truck:
  2. First road trip in ‘23 Powerboost: Two dogs, 2 kids and 1506 miles of driving = Awesome trip!

    The family took a trip to the Western shore of Lake Michigan this past week. We rented a house close to the shore to have access to the beach as both the dogs love the water. We did a similar trip last year with our 6 month old lab Oakley in my wife’s Audi Q7- and that went pretty well. So this...
  3. Delete phone setup in Sync 4? How?…..

    There is relatively simple explanation for deleting a phone profile from the Sync4 system- which entails clicking on a small trash can and confirming the deletion of the profile…except I don’t have any such option in the phone profile to delete it. I’m guessing I’m missing something simple?
  4. IronX to remove underbody surface rust?

    Just picked up my F150 at Granger yesterday. All went well- truck was flawless with the exception of some underbody surface rust. Could I use something like IronX to remove the rust here and on the axle ends safely and effectively? Any recommendations?: