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  1. Lighting F150 Spotted w/ Sport Bar, Window Deflectors, Mudflaps

    Good spot by Fordauthority - https://fordauthority.com/2022/03/2022-ford-f-150-lightning-prototype-spotted-with-sport-bar-accessory/ I haven't seen the sport bars or window deflectors fitted on the Lightning before. Source link.
  2. SYNC 4A for 2021 F150

    I saw that the Mach E features the SYNC 4A so I'm assuming the 2021 F150 will get it too since it comes out before the Mach E (unless it won't be ready until the Mach-E). Anyone heard or read differently? Do we know what SYNC 4A upgrades exactly over SYNC 4?
  3. Air suspension or spring suspension for electric F150

    From the spy pics we know the electric F150 is getting independent rear suspension, but are you guys interested in air suspension or traditional spring suspension if given the choice? Pros for air suspension: Ride quality Adjustable Improved towing capability (can increase firmness to account...