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  1. What happens when an OTA is sent to your vehicle? (step-by-step breakdown of the OTA process)

    Got my truck new in September September 2021 and I have never received an OTA update. Ford's technology is beyond the knowledge of most mechanics to figure out why. The only thing they can see is my truck is up to date. I find the hard to believe in 2.5 years of ownership.
  2. Ford Power-Up 6.3.0 SYNC version 23291

    I have never received an OTA update on my 21 truck built late August/September of 2021. Same issue with the dealers. Everybody looks and says your truck says it is up to date. Haven't received full screen CarPlay or anything. I gave up trying.
  3. Tremor (+High Package) or Raptor?

    @PTAustin I went through the same decision making process you did in 21 when both of these trucks came out. Originally I was set on a Tremor until I built one and realized I could get the Raptor for just a little more. I considered the towing capabilities and limits, which was one of my main...
  4. 2024 F-150 Refresh Revealed! New Design, Tech, Base 2.7L EcoBoost Engine, Pro Access Tailgate

    I still laugh at how Ford advertises the Pro power as great for tailgating when you have to have the truck running to use it unless you have the PB. Nothing says tailgating like sucking exhaust fumes while drinking beer watching a TV in the bed of your truck. Why can't the Pro Power run...
  5. Most desirable Raptor (Non R) options?

    I would go with the 37pp. I did not and wish I would have. I would not go with the blue recaro interior. That is not a universally liked option. When that color came standard on the 37pp, a lot of people skipped ordering the 37pp because of the blue seats. After that, I think the 37pp comes...
  6. Deep sleep mode, dead battery, system off to save battery???

    I just went to leave for lunch and my battery was dead today. Because of the dead battery, every warning came on. I also didn't have any control of my active suspension modes or steering wheel modes after I got my truck jump started. Nothing was left on. I doubt this was due to an attempted...
  7. Vibration thru gas pedal

    You are right about this being a PITA. I have had my truck in the dealer twice for other things. Both times I had them look at this issue as well. Both times they can't replicate the noise, grinding that I experience. There is a definite problem that comes and goes with the IWE. I use to...
  8. Question for raptor owners

    Key fob holder is under the insert in one of the cupholders. Tried to get the lid opened in the area by the shifter a couple weeks ago as I had a dead battery and needed to move my truck to get my wife's car out to jump start mine. Assumed there was a neutral lock in that area but it was a...
  9. New buzzing noise in front driveline

    Hopefully you have better luck than I did. My dealer could not hear the noise so couldn't isolate anything. Ford replied to my post on this site, but did not offer any help to getting my problem resolved. I just wait until it becomes a big enough issue to where it is more noticeable. Next...
  10. New buzzing noise in front driveline

    Check out this thread and see if it is similar to what you are experiencing. https://www.f150gen14.com/forum/threads/intermittent-hum-or-howl-from-front-end.13723/
  11. Kinetic Recovery Rope Diameter - What's Appropriate

    Here is a good starter kit for anyone looking. This is a 1" rope with a pair of soft shackles and bag. Make sure you use soft shackles if you are ever pulling anybody out. Last thing you want is for something to give way and a hard shackle or hitch to come flying at you or the person you are...
  12. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Thanks for the feedback. What is the GWM? I did call the Ford OTA number and he said there were no updates for my truck and it looked like everything was current, but I know it isn't. Seems like dealers and Ford can't tell you what is going on if your truck says "You are up to date" even...
  13. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Thanks for checking for me! So is there something I need to do or have my dealer do to get updates? Do I have a problem that some things are not up to date or have the old version?
  14. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Looking for some help checking my VIN for an FDRS history on my updates? Thanks 1FTFW1RG3MFC61608
  15. Power-Up 4.2.1. OTA software update installed today

    And I still don't have the update for the full screen CarPlay. Called and talked to the SYNC help line yesterday and he gave me some up down up down left right left right B A B A select start code to try to help make sure my truck is able to receive the updates. He told me the modem in my...
  16. OTA Update Frustrations

    So I probably need to go to the dealer to get my APIM updated or replaced?
  17. OTA Update Frustrations

    @rugedraw what is the current version that Sync should be running? According to My Ford my Sync Version is 4.0.21136. I still don't have the full screen CarPlay on my Sync.
  18. Intermittent hum or howl from front end

    I am noticing a similar issue as many of you posted, however I am noticing it more when I am slowing down and hit about 20-25 mph. To me it sounded like something rubbing on the side of my tire but that was obviously not the case. It does seem to be worse for a short time in the morning. I was...
  19. 2023 Raptor Ordered

    Nice truck. Is that a leak under the last picture towards the front of the truck? There was a known issue with the trans cooler hose not being tightened all the way causing fluid to leak out. This happened to mine right after I brought mine home. Was the tailgate applique deleted by you or...