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  1. Ordering topper - need paint color code for Atlas Blue Metallic

    My truck is scheduled to be produced tomorrow and i'm finally getting around to ordering my topper. I'm ordering a Leer 100XR. They are asking me about my paint color code. Keep going on about how there's a code on the doorjam sticker. Anyone have a Atlas Blue 2023 that you can take a...
  2. New Member: 2015 truck totalled, looking to order new truck, frustrated

    Hey new member here. My 2015 F150 SCREW 5.0 XLT with 6.5' bed was totalled Wednesday when a Semi Truck plowed into me. Truck saved my life, died valiantly. I'm looking to replace it with a virtually identical truck, but am frustrated with the ordering process and build website. I went through...