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  1. Powerboost: Check Engine Light - code? on at 1,047 miles :(

    Yeah, that’s pretty much what I was wondering! I got a C7, and want to check the codes the engine throws. The version of this product I bought has the USB cable. Will that impact anything?
  2. Powerboost: Check Engine Light - code? on at 1,047 miles :(

    Does this tool (OBDLink EX) work on other cars too? Don’t need crazy levels of detail, but getting the code scanned would be helpful
  3. Powerboost Owner Tips!

    What is the MPG gain from 87 vs 92/93? It'd have to be significant to justify an additional $20-$30 a fillup (most stations are $1/gallon higher for premium). I also do not buy into going 80 MPH versus 70 MPH will get you to your destination that much sooner if you're going around town. If...
  4. New iPhone 15 Pro won’t work with CarPlay

    Sounds about right. This truck somehow fixes itself at times. Scary, but also convenient...
  5. New iPhone 15 Pro won’t work with CarPlay

    No issues here either. Make sure if you're running a VPN it is turned off for the wireless connection. Also, I echo the other advice here of just delete / reconnect the phone.
  6. 2023 PB 2K miles wont start “stop safely now” has happened twice already

    I have 5k on our truck and I did what the poster here said and it worked for me too. Got to treat it like a router I guess. My Corvette occasionally has a glitch that a restart can fix too.
  7. Retracting Runner boards

    Since this thread is touching on the running boards topic, is there a way to make the running boards deploy ONLY if I am unlocking the truck? When I walk by it, they extend every time, and I rather them only do it when I'm unlocking the truck and preparing to get inside.
  8. Ford still removing a lot of stuff on premium vehicles

    I had similar issues. Ordered a 2023 truck: options were removed, and delays happened. I couldn't even get it with the combo of options I wanted because Ford's site is not synced with what the dealer actually uses to order the truck. I'm a first time truck owner. I drove the best Chevy offered...

    Wow. Not many AGM people! We just picked up our truck two weeks ago. A new experience, as we never owned a truck before this, and never have owned a new vehicle. We've always bought used. Parking lots are a bit more stressful at the moment as we are still acclimating to the large size. On...
  10. What kind of MPG mileage are you getting with your Powerboost?

    Glad I can finally join this thread! That was on a highway drive with a little city. I filled up later and got 24.99 MPG when calculating by hand. Pretty awesome, as my prior SUV got 19-20 mixed.
  11. OK who can explain the 2 coolant reservoir thing to me

    Thanks for the reply, is there a thread or a YT video you'd recommend that gives a nice detailed walkthrough of how our PB motor works (versus just the high points)? Like what parameters does it look for when determining the engine is OK to shut off? The honeymoon period with this truck has...
  12. Best Tonneau / Bed-liner combo that minimizes Payload hit?

    Thanks for the suggestions all. I may just bite the bullet and go with what my local place has which is called Patriot liner (spray in). 90% of the time this truck is not going to have a travel trailer behind it, and in all honesty, I wouldn't be opposed to being forced into a smaller one for...
  13. Best Tonneau / Bed-liner combo that minimizes Payload hit?

    Hi all, I tried searching and couldn't find anyone asking a similar question. I would like to get a tonneau to cover the bed and a bedliner to cover the bottom. What combination would have the lowest hit to my payload number, but provide acceptable quality and protection? I know we'll be...
  14. '23 F-150 PB Platinum - Custom Order Questions (Am I being told the truth?)

    Well, as a long time forum user, I want to "close" the thread on this story. I ended up cancelling my custom order and buying an AGM F-150 PB Platinum that was pretty much my exact build. The experience was far from perfect, but that is another story for another day!
  15. Who has the “lowest” payload?

    Yeah. I'm not complaining though. I have been reading threads about the sentiment regarding cut features, but this number gives me more confidence than I originally had about towing a decent size travel trailer (for just 2 people).
  16. Who has the “lowest” payload?

    1376 with my truck, so I guess I barely qualify 🤷 23 PB Platinum
  17. F-150 Clean-Up Scheduling This Week (5/18) for Production Weeks 6/5 & 6/12

    Thanks for sharing. If this keeps getting delayed, when will MY24 production begin in 2023? Q3? Q4?
  18. Anyone receive their truck yet since they removed the Bed Camera?

    That's awesome! Thank you for sharing your steps. Just bookmarked your earlier post so I can try it as well when I get my CHMSL "deleted" truck :)
  19. Competition Leak: 2024 Tacoma Official First Image Discovered

    Yes! Here's the exact truck. The gauge cluster is digital, but they only give you a tiny section on the left to set up your towing. No where near as defined and thought out by Ford or GM.