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  1. Air Bags with ARB Linx

    Hey all, I need some input. I am currently in the market for an air bag system for towing toys but am not sure what path to take. What I am contemplating is a puck style airbag, then installing the ARB Linx management system and an ARB air compressor. The thought process is I want to utilize the...
  2. This build is sick, need details!

    I went with the Ikon 2.5’s front and rear to level the truck and managed to fit 295/60 x20’s. They still rub a bit on the crash bar at full lock as a warning, but I would do it again if I could! The level is great as well, but with the ford lane centering you can get some serious lane drift that...
  3. Anyone added aftermarket subwoofer to standard B&O system?

    Just installed a 1600.1 kicker amp and two kickerkicker comp RT’s and they sound great for about a minute and a half and then sound exactly like the old stereo. Half of the time, the signal to the amp just cuts and the subs go from somewhat working to barely any audio. The shop that installed...
  4. Anyone get a RTT (Roof Top Tent) through Ford?

    I did the same. Bought the Yakima because it was the only rack I could fit a dirtbike under. It was so hard to adjust that I found myself leaving it all the way up all the time just to avoid the frustrations of adjusting. For the same price, you can get the 18” RCI, have it be stable and avoid...
  5. 35/12.5/17 (315/70/17) -12mm offset on 2.25” level fit?

    I am running 295/60r20’s and have a bit of rubbing on the cab half at full lock. Has anyone see this or have any ideas? I am running the 2” rough country level until my Icon 2.5’s come off back order, but I’m not sure if the extra 0.25” will give me the needed clearance.
  6. Anyone get a RTT (Roof Top Tent) through Ford?

    I did not as I had my smitty built already. On my 2009, I had two separate Yakima racks and hated them both. They had the tendency to rock around corners or over bumps and I ended up using tie downs to keep it stable. On my 2021, I bought the R RCI rack has been awesome with no complaints. Now...
  7. FOX 2.0 Suspension for 21+ F150

    I am in the market for a leveling kit and have a few questions for any of you. I do light off-roading primarily to get somewhere to camp or to get to a motorcycle trail head and tow a boat trailer every other weekend. I want a leveling kit more for the looks than anything else, but want to get...
  8. 6/14 Build Week Club

    My truck showed it was scheduled for delivery on the 28th… and happened to show up Saturday! My salesman called, had their staff immediately prep the truck and I was out by 10am. The truck has been amazing thus far and the dealer stuck to the pricing and cut some extra off! For Ford having the...
  9. 6/14 Build Week Club

    I’m in the same boat. I show an estimated ETA of 7/28 but palsapp and Ford show it as pending. I just want my truck… it’s so close I can smell it!
  10. 6/14 Build Week Club

    As of this morning, my truck is showing built! Yours should be updating as well I would think.
  11. 6/14 Build Week Club

    let’s hope we get an update tomorrow. I have a spray in bed liner as well so maybe that is what is causing the delays.
  12. 6/14 Build Week Club

    I was Dearborn. My blend date was the 18th originally. The tracker here shows an ETA of 8/1, however I’m not sure how that works
  13. 6/14 Build Week Club

    Well, we are at a week at “in production” and the window sticker is now stating unavailable from Ford. Gosh how I love the tracking process through Ford.
  14. 6/14 Build Week Club

    Well, I had a production date of 6/19 with no other updates since… let’s hope this doesn’t get sent to the purgatory like so many other trucks!
  15. 6/14 Build Week Club

    I am in the same boat. Blend date today with no updates as of yet.
  16. 6/14 Build Week Club

    It’s not looking strong for my 6/18 blend date lol. Knowing my luck, the truck won’t be built until October!
  17. Motofab leveling kit still not level

    The back does look tall, almost like it isn’t settled…
  18. 6/14 Build Week Club

    I have a 6/18 blend date, but am still stuck in production with no ETA or in production start. From the sounds of it, blend date is when it starts down the line and parts are pulled so we may get the in production mark and ETA date tomorrow.
  19. 6/14 Build Week Club

    Just checking, do all of you still show in production with no ETA? Mine has sat in that stage for about a month and a half with a blend date of 6/18. Getting excited now that it could be actually happening!
  20. 6/14 Build Week Club

    Question for all of you. I called my dealer who mentioned their site still shows a 6/7 build week in Dearborn with a 6/9 build date. That has now come and passed and last I knew, the Dearborn plant was shut down this week. Additionally, my window sticker shows a blend date of 6/18. Thoughts?