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  1. Order tracking went backwards

    My truck was built about 2 weeks ago and the tracker didn't update till today and it went from Built to order confirmed. I'm guessing the tracker is just jacked up but does that mean my truck potentially shipped if it updated?
  2. Truck built but not shipped?

    My truck says it was built 9 days ago now and the order tracker says it takes a couple days to a week to arrange shipment. Does that mean it could take a couple days to a week to find someone to ship it or it should've shipped a couple days to a week after being built? Also is there any sort of...
  3. 5.0 and Black Package causing delays

    Ah interesting, look up a member called newface, they are posting updated constraints for each week so you can see maybe why you keep getting pushed back. I did get my window sticker now, heated steering wheel is still deleted but I did get a blend date of the 13th!
  4. 5.0 and Black Package causing delays

    Hey there just wanted to update you, my truck was pushed back 3 weeks from when I originally was told but today the tracker shows in production. My only concern is that the scheduled week of production says the week of June 13th but says in production so I hope the tracker is right. Also the...
  5. F-150 Scheduling This Week (4/27) for Production Week 5/22/23

    I have moonroof, power tailgate, and the 20" AT tires and I got scheduled that week. Thought I was going to have to wait longer but it's already been 9 months since I ordered so I'm happy to be built now.
  6. 5.0 and Black Package causing delays

    Okay yeah I see that now, even the renders changed online to match what the photos are showing. I've canceled the exhaust until I know which design I need. My dealer gave me a estimate of late June/early July.
  7. 5.0 and Black Package causing delays

    Duals on the 5.0? I thought those were reserved strictly for ecoboost. If it has duals then I just ordered the wrong exhaust because the bumper will have cut outs for it then. I'll have to double check when it comes in probably June but I hope I don't have to switch exhaust.
  8. 5.0 and Black Package causing delays

    Well I switched to the 3.73 and my dealer advised me to drop the hard fold cover so I did and now I just got the email! I should be able to check the window sticker in a couple hours or days probably. I didn't have to drop the black package.
  9. 5.0 and Black Package causing delays

    Well I think I'll email the dealer today and get that switched over to the 3.73 and hope to finally get scheduled.
  10. 5.0 and Black Package causing delays

    Okay well maybe I'll have to give it a shot, the guy I ordered my truck from doesn't work on Saturdays so I'll have to wait till Monday, may I ask what build week they assigned you?
  11. 5.0 and Black Package causing delays

    I do have the 3.31 gears but from my understanding from another member's post, the current build constraints for me are the power tailgate and moon roof. I made this post on previous information received from the dealer but that seems to not be so accurate. Currently those build constraints...
  12. F-150 Scheduling This Week (4/13/23) for Production Weeks 5/1 and 5/8 + Current Constraints List

    Well it appears still no truck being built through part of May at least, been waiting since July. Seems like the main constraints for me are moon roof and power tail gate.
  13. 5.0 and Black Package causing delays

    Ordered my 2023MY back in July and have been waiting for some sort of status change. As of today the dealer emailed me saying that the 5.0 and black package are causing production delays for my build and that it will still probably be months before being even considered for production. I wanted...
  14. 10/24/22 - Build Week - MY 23

    Just got my 45 day update letter. Still no word. Ordered mid July.