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  1. Daytime Running Light Issue

    Same here. 21 XLT with 43K and the subject light went out. Its a bummer being that LED's are lifetime light assemblys and Ford wont cover warranty for it. This is a big let down.
  2. 87 octane vs 93 octane - ECOBOOST

    I have the stock wheels for my XLT. The JB4 tune could be removed easily should any dealership visits arise. The tune is conservative and Burger Motorsports (JB4) support is great IMO. Honestly if you dont want to do the E85 tune, you can do the 93 which is impressive in itself.
  3. 87 octane vs 93 octane - ECOBOOST

    With my JB running an E30 blend, my 1 foot rollout 0-60 is 4.73 seconds. 4.97 seconds without the one foot rollout. My truck is a 21 RWD screw 3.55 gear ratio and only a CAI.
  4. Oil Analysis at 25K (3.5L EcoBoost V6)

    Just a quick update on my last analysis. The truck is running great! Im very happy with my 3.5EB
  5. How common are 14th Gen turbo failures?

    Turbos are like electronics. You can have infant mortality at the very beginning. If not, they usually last for very long. I havent heard of any cases of the 14th gen.
  6. "Park Brake Fault-Service Now" message

    It happened to me too when I started my truck. I cycled power and the parking brake and the message never comes back. If it makes a difference, im parked on a decline.
  7. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Can someone check if I have any updates pending? Thanks 1FTEW1C87MFB35071
  8. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Can someone send a snapshot of FDRS for me? Dealer noted all modules updated but my 21MY Job 1 truck hasnt updated SYNC since I purchased it on 6/2021. Thank you! 1FTEW1C87MFB35071
  9. 2021 Job 1 Trucks that aren't getting updates

    Hi @rugedraw , can you look into my VIN: 1FTEW1C87MFB35071 The dealer replaced my APIM a while back and I took it back in this week and they told me the only thing that needed updating was the TCU. My SYNC is still on 21146 Rev 145. My 3 yr/36K mile warranty is about to expire and I want to...
  10. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Thank you so much!! Im going to take it to the dealer for an update and battery replacement since the SOC is always below 50%.
  11. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Hey there @Jesse-Infotainment is there any insight you could provide me with? Thanks
  12. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Can someone check my VIN: 1FTEW1C87MFB35071. Had APIM replaced a while back and not sure if its called home yet.
  13. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Can someone please check for me 1FTEW1C87MFB35071? Its a 2021 job 1 truck that had the APIM recently replaced a couple of weeks ago. It seems like the battery SOC is good now since start/stop is functioning. Im curious if anything has been pushed. TIA.
  14. OTA Updates and Battery Issues

    So a Ford Customer Service rep expedited a replacement APIM. Awesome group to work with and they are very responsive! Got the APIM replaced yesterday and previously did a long trip where my battery got all charged up. Heres to hoping an updated will come through and install sometime this month.
  15. Oil Analysis at 25K (3.5L EcoBoost V6)

    No, I have towed some heavy loads but only for like 300 miles out of the 6000, the rest was mostly highway miles on motorcrafy synthetic blend. I just think these turbos chew up the oil real good. After learning this, I wouldnt change my oil based on the oil life monitor. It seems like 4k-4.5k...
  16. Oil Analysis at 25K (3.5L EcoBoost V6)

    I actually don't. My driving is around 90% highway (65 miles daily), the majority of the idling is remote start and hovers around 5-10 mins per day. I do have a heavier foot and I think the turbos are shearing the oil sooner.
  17. Oil Analysis at 25K (3.5L EcoBoost V6)

    The column to the right of the "Unit/ Location Averages" is just under my 5k interval. The oil weight was just slightly under SAE 30 with 5k miles.