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  1. Adding Co-Pilot Assist 2.0 with Forscan?

    🤣 I bookmarked a thread on this because I was thinking it would be icing on the cake. I'm still bummed I have to replace IPMA to get front sensors so trying to console myself
  2. Gotta love AI

    Gonna look into this.... I didn't know you could do that! Are you on a paid version of gemini?
  3. Adding Co-Pilot Assist 2.0 with Forscan?

    Same hesitation here. I want to do it because it feels incomplete if I don't. :)
  4. 2024 OEM F-150 LED Tail Lights retrofit install on a 21-23

    I thought the 21-23 taillights were boring compared to the 20; as mentioned, to each their own. I like the new taillights. Don't like em enough to drop $1,300, but I like 'em. 🤔☺
  5. Gotta love AI

    Last night, I was reading a post about fitting taillights from a 24 on a 21-23 (2024 OEM F-150 LED Tail Lights retrofit install on a 21-23), and it got me pondering about F150 generations. Was enough of the truck redesigned to call it gen 15? Seemed awfully quick to be another generation, but...
  6. Adding Co-Pilot Assist 2.0 with Forscan?

    Thanks for the reminder.... I checked once and confirmed I had them but I'll likely check again just to make sure.
  7. 2024 XL RCSB Paint Matched (Bumpers, Door Handles and Tailgate) - Photos

    I've always loved my crew cab, but I gotta say that is an awesome looking truck. I, too, hate the chrome, but I like the black mirrors and emblems. Too much paint match makes it monochrome, IMHO. How do you do that front end?
  8. My DIY bicycle carrier

    That is an amazing bit of work! 👏
  9. lithium batteries..

    I certainly do not know, but for RVs they run at higher voltages than the LA/AGM batteries. I would think it would put a strain on all the modules unless the BCM can regulate the voltage. I'm curious to see what others post.
  10. Adding Co-Pilot Assist 2.0 with Forscan?

    Question for clarification: Is the wiring connector shown added by the new wiring harness? I haven't ordered yet because I ended up owing for taxes :mad: and it's gonna have to wait a little bit. So i was on my back rummaging around the bumper and current wiring harness to compare to...
  11. Adding Co-Pilot Assist 2.0 with Forscan?

    Was contemplating getting the harness with the parking sensors just in case I ever get an itch to swap out the IPMA... still undecided. Ask @Jesse-Infotainment to check your VIN; he did mine and confirmed my IPMA serial number is the rear only. Here's to hoping yours is not!
  12. What's up with Top Tier gas?

    In a small town about an hour south of me is a 76... I think the only one in the state but since I had completely dismissed that one, who knows. :unsure:
  13. What's up with Top Tier gas?

    That map was the station finder from their website. I found it interesting that Love's (Flying J) was not on the list of brands, neither was Maverik. Neither of those are in my town, but certainly within the 100 mi radius circle.
  14. What's up with Top Tier gas?

    And that Valero used to be an Exxon. Thanks for verifying. (y)
  15. What's up with Top Tier gas?

    We Do have a Chevron, 2 in fact, although the south Chevron is kind of isolated near I25 and they totally gouge with prices when a couple miles up the road is all the others. I'll have to go check. This is the question I think I intended to ask but didn't. 😏
  16. What's up with Top Tier gas?

    In reading another thread, I looked up Top Tier gas to learn a little more about it. I then did a search for gas stations and was surprised that it is nowhere near me: In a 100 mile radius, there is one station an hour away, according stationfinder.toptiergas.com. I was surprised there...
  17. Octane boosters

    Where i live in New Meixco, regular is 86 and mid-grade is 88. I've been using mid because the Ford manual says to use 87.... how much does that matter? In nearby Colorado, regular sometimes drops as low as 85.
  18. Ford Self Tinting windows...

    I would worry about tinting not turning off at night.
  19. Adding Co-Pilot Assist 2.0 with Forscan?

    Thank you so much for this summary. I read thru the entire thread just to make sure I didn't miss anything but this is perfect for me. I also have 22 XLT 302A w/ 360 cams. I've verified I have the wires in IPMA so i should only need the one wiring harnesses. I owe you a 🍺 , although...
  20. Multiple exhaust leaks

    I believe it's the weep holes that allow moisture to drain from the exhaust so it doesn't pool and rust out the pipes. Mine does it too