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  1. Livernois Tune

    I think in this situation you can run an OBD2 splitter since you only need power to the steps and do not need to transmit data.
  2. Livernois Tune

    Here is the link to Ford's calibrator. https://performanceparts.ford.com/part/M-12655-F
  3. 2021 F150 Tremor Overhead switches

    In the facebook group 2021+ Ford F-150 there is a guy who is posting how he did his.
  4. Swapping OEM LED bulbs for switchback bulbs white/amber

    That's what I'm afraid of. I have had my kit for 6 months and still haven't installed it because I dont think I'll like it. I'm also thinking about putting in a halogen fog light assembly and switching it to switch back LED's and using the Bajas as ditch lights and behind the grill or all 4...
  5. Swapping OEM LED bulbs for switchback bulbs white/amber

    Did you see Diode Dianamics fog light kit? They are taking pre orders, it's exactly like my baja designs kit.
  6. Livernois Tune

    Funny you mention that, since middle of last year they have been selling a calibrator from Ford Performance.
  7. Turn Off Honking When Exiting and Idling?

    anyone use this?? https://www.4dtech.com/hornhonk/
  8. Turn off horn honk when exiting truck with key fob?

    it is in the lighting as an option though.
  9. RTR Skidplate Install?

    My iPhone isn’t getting the best pictures sorry.
  10. Edit: Goodyear Wrangler Ultraterrain LT275/65R20 Beware

    I’ve always run BF good rich KO2’s because they are quite on road, comfortable on road, 3peak snowflake rated, They are great off-road, and look great. Quieter than ridge grappler‘s and Toyos. I’ve driven through snow storms in Oregon, Utah, and Colorado with zero problems or hesitation. You’ll...
  11. RTR Skidplate Install?

    Finally got a photo of mine.
  12. Baja Designs fog light replacement kit

    I have the same kit except with yellow and white light with a switch pod. I can't decide it I want to tackle the job myself or take it somewhere. How much did the shop charge you to put the kit in?
  13. RTR Skidplate Install?

    putting on an RTR skid plate now. I will upload pictures and any problems I come accross.
  14. Tint % to match factory rear tint?

    I've always wanted to try it but have been too scared lol, you can barley tell with the 70% and you have to be looking for it. I honestly can't tell its tinted at night when I'm driving.
  15. MagSafe USB-C Charger Not Supported?

    What is an "Anker" charger. My truck does the same and I assume its because it is meant to hooked up to your phone and not a charger.
  16. Tint % to match factory rear tint?

    I did 70% ceramic on the windshield, 20% front and 20% over the factory tint. Windshield does not look tinted while driving day or night