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  1. 2024 XLT headlights and light pipes

    I don't hate the LED headlights on the 24+ and they're new, so that's refreshing. But the 21-23 headlights reflector LED headlights were a more upscale look with more presence, especially how they tied into the fogs. They're better than any 13th gen headlight oem or aftermarket. The XL's get...
  2. F150 Tail Lights: Easy to Steal, Expensive to Replace!

    I assume no one goes after the base model taillights, just the top trims?
  3. Ford Unleashes 144,000 Trucks To Dealers

    I don't have sympathy for people willing to pay MSRP or dealers not getting it. 20% off minimum. Really, 25% off is fair.
  4. Standard 7 speaker stereo - full range to rear speakers

    Is it possible to leave whatever eq is on the front speakers and also apply that to the rear? It looked like from the forscan document changing the eq to 0 effects everything. I don't really understand it though.
  5. 3ohm JBL speaker of factory B&O system.....bad idea?

    I don't have the B&O, but the regular 7 speaker setup. I have the 2.5 ohm JBL GTO 6x9 components up front and have had no issues, knock on wood. I installed the woofers without a crossover like stock and after dyna-matting the door they sound great and really cleaned up the sound.
  6. Standard 7 speaker stereo - full range to rear speakers

    I'm confused on how to do this. Sounds like it's a Forscan setting. Does this change have en effect on the front speakers too?
  7. Members with Michelin Defender LTX or LTX 2's on their trucks.

    Check out tyre reviews. Lots of testing on tires off and on road. They note in their testing there is almost no correlation between the 3PMSF and how well a tire performs in snow or ice conditions. In their testing, the Defefender did very well in the snow and even off road.
  8. New Raptor 20x9 + 20 replicas...Anyone have them

    FR 99 – Ford F150 Raptor Replica Wheels - Factory Reproductions Interesting design, good price and offset fitment but I can't find any pics of them mounted to an F150. Seem like they would be popular.
  9. This is galling!

    Not sure what your area is like, have you tried another dealer? Is your truck still under the 3/36 warranty? I'm not sure what the extended warranty has to do with it, but doesn't Ford cover the rental rate? I always got a vehicle as a loaner the few times. During peak shortages I had to...
  10. Members with Michelin Defender LTX or LTX 2's on their trucks.

    Let's see some pics! Regular tires need love too.
  11. Members with Michelin Defender LTX or LTX 2's on their trucks.

    Despite their modest look, they have proven to be a quite capable off road and as an all weather tire.
  12. 87 octane vs 93 octane - ECOBOOST

    The boost gauge is analog and has other variables but it certainly seems like it maxes out more often now that my truck has adjusted to the 92 octane. Better acceleration too, even though it's warmer outside.
  13. Purchasing Used - Dealer Won't Provide Maintenance History

    I was in the same boat a few years ago and the Ford dealer let me see the service records of a 20k 18-month-old truck I wanted to (and ended up buying). I didn't ask for or even want a printout, but he had no problem showing what I asked for. That vehicle ended up getting bought back and the...
  14. Members with Michelin Defender LTX or LTX 2's on their trucks.

    They're selling the Defender LTX M/S 2 now that's slightly different. They claim its made to handle the weight of an EV and XL load instead of regular P metric. So it will ride a tad former than P, but it's still lightweight. The more solid outer blocks should help with some of the higher...
  15. What's up with Top Tier gas?

    Best thing I've done for gas is switched to Costco's 92 octane. Not only is it only .20 cents or less more than most places 87, but the cheap price also means they sell a lot of 92 octane. BP may sell 93 octane but at $1.00 to $1.20 more per gallon I see I wonder how much they sell and how...
  16. 87 octane vs 93 octane - ECOBOOST

    Always with the polish and patience others (myself included) lack. Well worded.
  17. 87 octane vs 93 octane - ECOBOOST

    I think the whole point you missed is you are incorrect and you refuse to not only acknowledge it, but also let it go. Your info and "facts" are incomplete, outdated and not completely relevant to a modern engine. Good day sir. This ship has sailed and you're still at port.
  18. Regular Cab? Seriously?

    Indont think you have priced out a used regular cab short box. The extended cab is sportyer(?) than a crew cab, but not much. The resale on those is crap though, better off buying used for an extended cab.
  19. Ford Performance tune for 3.5's coming (still a ways out)

    When you say you are running the 91 tune, is it the performance tune or the tow/performance? What is the difference between the two in results? Personally I'm not looking for the very fastest truck I can get the be on the ragged edge. Just more power and reliable. I've started running 92...