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  1. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    If there is no active OTA trigger pending for the vehicle, it will always say it is up to date (or show the info of the last update it got if it got one). You can't guide yourself by that. This pdf from Ford shows what each vehicle's latest Sync version should be based on year and platform and...
  2. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Not sure about the RGTM, but all the other modules can be updated OTA. Are there a lot of ota issues with the expos?
  3. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Nothing has been sent to you OTA yet. All connectivity seems to be fine and your truck is talking to the cloud fine. No relevant DTC's being reported. The module updates you have pending are below and you're showing a GWM which is good. I have no good explanation as to why no updates, but your...
  4. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Stand by......consulting with the resident guru. I'll respond here when I have more info.
  5. “Super 8.8” a bit more than a name

    Yea, the rear set is pretty easy to find. I'm having trouble finding the 3.73 gear sets for the front diff.
  6. “Super 8.8” a bit more than a name

    I figured this might be a good place to ask. I'm sick of my 3.31 gears and ready to go 3.73 front and rear. Anyone know the correct part numbers of what I need to order? According to PTS, my truck has the 9.75" rear.
  7. Power-Up and Priority OTA History Thread (F-150, Lightning, Mach-E)

    The OTA process has been good to you. You've gotten 6.13.0/CMR-FX as well as several PU updates. Not much missing.
  8. Power-Up and Priority OTA History Thread (F-150, Lightning, Mach-E)

    That list is from PTS, but FDRS will show the same or maybe 1 more. They will eventually be sent OTA, but the only way to get them now is with FDRS.
  9. Power-Up and Priority OTA History Thread (F-150, Lightning, Mach-E)

    Nothing OTA since the PCM update on 4/3. Not showing many pending updates.
  10. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    You've had that same update sent to you 6 times in the past 2-3 months and it keeps failing due to a software mismatch. Send me a pic of the entire "about sync" screen of your truck when you can. It looks like something got messed up when the dealer replaced your APIM. This is definitely not normal.
  11. Power-Up and Priority OTA History Thread (F-150, Lightning, Mach-E)

    Last OTA was September of last year. You're on Sync 23150 which is one version behind the latest one. Modules pending updates are below. Your truck seems fine from what I can see. You just aren't getting any love from the mothership.
  12. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    Did you do it yourself or did you buy a kit from a company that specializes in those things?
  13. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    Some vehicles just won't take certain USB updates for the IPC. If FDRS gives you the option to CAN it in, do that. It will take 6 hours, so plan accordingly.
  14. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    No. The truck has been on Sync 20301 since July of 2021. You cannot erase vehicle history. It's all there.
  15. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Screenshot below shows the modem is offline: Screenshot below is from vehicle history on 4/18 showing the last time they tried to update the APIM it failed.
  16. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Incorrect. Your truck is on Sync 20301 which is bad software from 2020 known to break the OTA process. On top of that, the modem in your truck appears as "not authorized" no none of the connected features in the truck work including Fordpass; the modem needs to be activated. They know damn well...
  17. Community Mongoose (Reprogramming Vehicle Interface) Lending Thread

    As some of you may know, @Cnixon also has two mongooses he loans out. He'll be involved in a work project for a few months and he graciously mailed his two to me so I can add them to the rotation. So those of you still waiting, I be able to get to you twice as fast.
  18. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    If no one does it before I get home, I'll do it later. Yup capacity is low at 43 and SoC is low at 46%. Charge the battery up or take it for a 20-30 minute drive and try installing the updated manually as soon as you park it...