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  1. Eco-Boost Economy Mode

    My truck came with the start stop garbage removed. I wonder if that also shuts down the ECO mode? I can tell driving if in the regular mode and switching to the ECO mode that you lose take-off power, and gain it back when switching back to normal mode.
  2. Eco-Boost Economy Mode

    I do have an ODBII scan tool. I didn't know that would tell me about the boost.
  3. Eco-Boost Economy Mode

    Mine is completely stock. It does however have the Max-Tow Package. Maybe that has something to do with it.
  4. Eco-Boost Economy Mode

    My F-150 has a little over 10,000 miles and the best I have ever gotten is 20 on a long highway trip of 1800 miles each way. That was in the normal mode. Wonder why there's so much difference? I don't accelerate hard etc...
  5. Eco-Boost Economy Mode

    I just now filled it and I calculated 16.89 mpg. Most of it was city driving however. Waiting for the next out of town interstate trip to seei f ECO makes any difference. Thanks for the replies.
  6. Eco-Boost Economy Mode

    I have been consciously resetting the mode on my '22 F-150 to "ECO" just to explore whether better mileage is obtainable. I drive really conservatively, without hard acceleration, etc. My average displayed on the dash before experimenting with it was 18.1 mpg, and that has NOT changed. Has...
  7. For all of us waiting for our truck Ford should at least give free Blue Cruise and Sirius

    I forgot about battery replacement. Mine failed as well. Mine also had the stupid start/stop feature disabled.
  8. For all of us waiting for our truck Ford should at least give free Blue Cruise and Sirius

    When I bought my '22, I wasn't even able to BUY Sirius-XM, the NAV Pkg, towing mirrors etc. I am still pizzed about that, plus all the recalls due to defective parts.
  9. What would you do?

    Here is a thought. Tell the dealer to eat the cost, and if they won't do it, go elsewhere, reorder and leave them with the truck. Contact Ford, NOT THE DEALER and explain that you are not going to accept the truck at that price, and are looking at alternatives to Ford, since the dealer tried...
  10. State Farm Monster Loss Announced ~Insurance

    But, likethe proce of gasoline, diesel or whatever, the price is raised outrageously, then when they can no longer justify the price, it is reduced, but only slightly, never to the pre-hike price.
  11. 2024 F150s are sitting on lots across Metro Detroit, Whats the Issue?

    In my opinion, Ford continues to build trucks from parts that are proving to be defective. When they discover a major issue, like the axle bolt issue we've been recalled over, they should stop production in the name of safety until they can resolve the issue. It seems the owner is now the...
  12. State Farm Monster Loss Announced ~Insurance

    My wife is still insured by USAA. Her Jeep Liberty was literally destroyed in the same hail storm. They promptly inspected it and gave us more than we thought it was worth as a total loss.
  13. State Farm Monster Loss Announced ~Insurance

    I live in Iowa. Due to storm and hail damage, we've had a 3 year-old roof, siding and gutters replaced last year. It was replaced in 2020 due to the derachio. I am/soon will no longer be insured by Selective Insurance of South Carolina. My homeowners policy went from $1060 to over $2400 for...
  14. A Bit of Perspective

    I drove GM vehicles most all my life until I needed a new mini-can in 2007. A Ford FreeStar was the best vehicle I ever owned. I traded it for this new 2022 F-150 Max Tow. I read the horror stories people write on here. I also am dissatisfied it takes months in order to resolve and FIX...
  15. A Bit of Perspective

    I think that this forum gives truck owners a place to vent their frustrations. It seems things at Ford are done in a "Helter-Skelter" fashion. This forum also demonstrates how the difference in resolution to problems differ from one dealership to another, and even with Ford itself. How do some...
  16. 5 month national backordered part

    It is no different than the 2 recalls I've had on my Eco-Boost. One for the wiper motor took forever, and now the one for the axle bolt still has not been addressed. Ford seems to be much more interested in rolling more flawed vehicles off the assembly lines than fixing their mistakes caused...
  17. Rain sensing wipers - giving up.

    I find it somewhat consistent with all the other "selling-point junk" on the F-150. Ford could make it work on one of their lowest price cars, but not on one of its highest price vehicles. (the F-150)
  18. Can’t fill gas tank full

    My experience has been gas gauges are inheritantly inaccurate. It is as if they are still the float-type system that was used in the Ford Model A. Everything else on vehicles has been converted to digital electronics. (even now the thermostat for heat and air conditioning) The calculation of...
  19. Scratch after windshield inspection

    Go after them! Force them to make it right. They have damaged and de-valued your vehicle.
  20. I guess Ford chat is useless....

    Well that, combined with another poster that says he's never towed anything and his were broken on both sides makes it possibly sound like bad parts and not design problem. Maybe the parts are simply too hard. (brittle) (bad metallurgy) One would think they certainly could test this and come up...