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  1. New OTA Update 4.2.3

    Received 4.2.3 OTA this afternoon - I have not seen this posted yet. Did I miss it? Could we not already connect to public Wi-Fi??
  2. Door Bottom/Rocker Protection and Repair

    I live on a long dirt road and already have a lot of chips and scratches on the underside of my new 22 F150. I have ordered Ford mud flaps which will help but what else can I do for protection? Also, what can I do to fix those scratches/chips that are already there? Has anyone done line x or...
  3. Water Leak From Door Panels

    Has anyone had this issue with the 14th generation trucks? I thought surely it would be fixed by now. Had the issue several times on my 2020 and apparently my new 22 is having the same issue.