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  1. Rear seat cover for screw

    4knines make a lot of nice options. i'd check out there site and I think they are on amazon also.
  2. F-150---- V8 Gas Mileage? What MPG Do You Get??

    I bought a new 2022 lariat 502a with the 5.0 and 3.73 gears yesterday and on my 200km drive home I got 15L/100 which is about 15.5 mpg. There was a strong south wing which probably hurt it a fair bit. cruise was set at 120km (74mph). rpm's stayed at 1800-1900 which I thought was a little high.
  3. Vibration thru gas pedal

    Hi, I Just picked up a new 2022 lariat 502a with the 5.0 today and on the way home I noticed a vibration in the gas pedal. Does anyone have a fix yet?