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  1. Auto Resume vs. Stopped - why does one show up sometimes versus the other?

    I stand corrected. Auto Resume isn't part of BlueCruise, just ACC. It still uses the mapped roads same as BlueCruise. Here's a question: does the auto resume feature require connected navigation? I can't find out first hand until my subscription runs out. I have no intention of paying for...
  2. Auto Resume vs. Stopped - why does one show up sometimes versus the other?

    @antho answered your question correctly. His is the only correct answer. Auto Resume only engages while using hands-free BlueCruise. This means you're on a mapped BC road...basically an interstate. Not all mapped roads are interstates. When you encounter a traffic jam and traffic comes to a...
  3. 2022 Platinum Chrome Delete - In Progress

    This is how you answer a question. 👍 No ifs, ands, or buts.
  4. Can you turn off the IPC or dim it?

    Awhile back I saw a YouTube video where the guy custom fit an insert to block the IPC. It needn't be a perfect fit because put a foam border around it. It worked well. Heck, the whole thing could be foam rubber. It's a good DIY solution.
  5. What is your experience with Blue Cruise?

    I like BlueCruise. It has worked very well for me. I have experienced only a few hiccups. I don't have the opportunity to use it much tough. I'm not often on interstates or other mapped highways. It is very doubtful I will subscribe after my complimentary service. The cost is just too high for...
  6. Stowable bed extender

    The Ford divider requires boxlink brackets. The part that bolts to the truck. These are available inexpensively on Amazon.
  7. Stowable bed extender

    @Lricaud81, others have given you viable options. The Amazon options look functionally identical to my OEM extender. A divider will give you far more room, but the extender gives more functionality. If you go with the extender, check the mounting hole on each side of the bed. If like mine the...
  8. Electric Fridge in F150?

    My experience needing an overnight electrical pull isn't with a fridge, but for a heater. Not exactly apples to apples. Still, I learned that for tent camping, the Powerboost running at night is darn loud. I quickly learned the way to go is to use a battery generator at night and recharge it...
  9. Any factory sunroof issues -- leaks, noise, motor, anything?

    I haven't had any problem, though I rarely open it. I don't really care for it to be open and I figure if it remains static I won't get any problems from it. I like having it though. I like the light from above. I wish Ford offered an inoperable moonroof.
  10. What Bluecruise version am I on?

    It is my belief there will be no OTA update for those on the complimentary BlueCruise subscription. You will have to pay for a subscription to have your BlueCruise updated. I could be wrong. Heck, I probably am, but I'm not wrong yet.
  11. Bluecruise Standard (Sorta) on 2024 Model F-150

    Actually I've already tried it out. I bought one for my Maverick with the intention of being able to move back and forth between the Maverick and the F150. I returned it with no issue. At the time at least neither vehicle was supported (meaning plug and play). The website said the Maverick was...
  12. Calling all AMB Color Owners: To Auto Car Wash or To Not Auto Car Wash

    I auto car wash my truck. Am I worried? Not in the slightest. It's just a truck. Use it. Wear it out. Get another one. In the end, will the effort (time, elbow grease, and money) to keep the paint pristine be worth it? I don't think so.
  13. CCD Ride Height Sensor

    I've been trying to talk with the dealer I bought the truck from. It hasn't gone well. I don't trust their answer. The service manager even brought up liability performing non-factory work. WTF? I'm done with them. I visited another dealer and the service manager there seemed more open to the...
  14. CCD Ride Height Sensor

    @Snakebitten I'm going to the dealer this afternoon to investigate this further. Your pictures are my trump card to their immediate "can't be done" answer. I don't take these pictures to mean re-zeroing can be done. They sure fly in face of their "can't be done" answer though.
  15. CCD Ride Height Sensor

    Thanks @Snakebitten .
  16. CCD Ride Height Sensor

    I inquired with my local dealer and was told in quick order that the ride height can not be re-zeroed. This may be true, but I don't believe them. I don't think they know answer. I was wanting them to consult with Ford engineering. Dealers only know how to change the oil, install brakes, and...
  17. CCD Ride Height Sensor

    I'm looking for insight on the CCD suspension ride height sensor. How does it work? Is it adjustable? Ultimately I would like program a new zero point for my ride height. I installed lowering shackles. This lowered the truck bed and visually the truck looks more level. Despite the lowered...
  18. Can BlueCruise be turned off or deactivated?

    Raptor Mod is just changing a BlueCruise enabled truck to a traffic jam assist truck just like the Raptor. There's two numbers (I think they're both nine) you change to eights; hence double 8's. Doing this disables BlueCruise and the nanny cam watching you. If you subscribe to BlueCruise, don't...
  19. FORScan - hiding audio sources?

    Physical button to cycle through audio sources. No need to change screens. Hiding unused options would be nice.