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  1. Moonroof leaks through B&O speaker on headliner

    Maybe 'drain' is what they should've said. Unfortunately the water through the speaker is posted all too often. While this is not my issue, every time it rains I walk into a moldy, smelly truck... Don't mean to hijack the thread, but its raining like hell today and think I found my issue. In...
  2. Moonroof leaks through B&O speaker on headliner

    Welcome to the club, there needs to be recall on this. How can we as the consumer help initiate this? @Ford Motor Company
  3. AC / Heat calibration?

    Following. Most expensive vehicle ever purchased, most incomprehensible climate control ever experienced.
  4. Tailgate

    It is indented and has a ton of hole for mounting clips. Here's a schematic pic https://www.f150gen14.com/forum/threads/check-your-platinum-tailgate.3972/post-62609
  5. This is galling!

    Going on vacation end of the week and didn't want anything unexpected. I just replaced my battery last week due to 'remote feature disabled' - $260 Duralast AGM H8....I've had one new popup since. Not sure where to go now, but going to dig around here and see whats next.
  6. 23 Platinum Tailgate

    That'd be a lot easier than taking the plate off for paint...trust me
  7. What Is The Best Tire Dressing?

    Aside from rubber - plastics, under the hood, interior. I'm pretty sure its SiO2 (ceramic) infused and mentions UV protection. Take that with a grain of salt though, my impression of UV resistance is worth the webpage its written on. I think the big stand out for me is, it doesn't look perfect...
  8. What Is The Best Tire Dressing?

    Just went and check, it’s completely dry and tack free. Dust wiped off. Again, I use a 1:5 dilution, if you spray straight out the bottle I’d image a higher sheen, but no experience.
  9. What Is The Best Tire Dressing?

    I've tried a few from Chemical Guys, Mothers, Etc. My go to is CarPro Pearl mixed 1 to 5 with water. Spray on, brush into AT tires using a cheap Amazon detailing brush. It levels out really smooth to a satin finish, if that's what your into. It last for a few weeks to months in my experience. I...
  10. Forscan Mistake 2023 F150 Platinum Powerboost

    so you're saying I can change the odometer when I go to sell this thing? Or you can only tick the clock forward, but not back...?
  11. Musty/mold smell after carwash/rain

    Fighting it myself. You mention cab rear pressure vents, but did you just check for carpet moisture or actually see is the vent was fully seated/clipped in. I'd pull the carpet and hose test it. Most commonly related to sunroof which seems like you dodged that bullet.
  12. Pre painted body panels ?

    Anyone have experience ordering factory matched/painted body panels? My truck got hail damage, mainly to the hood and thinking about just buying a replacement. I talked to insurance, went to their body shop and doesn't seem worth going through them. I've got a $1000 deductible and some pocket...
  13. Anyone Painted the Gray Interior Plastic?

    Are you looking for examples or the process?

    I think the paint is garbage. FWIW, my 2013 had the same amount of chips as I do no. Same commute, same trips...
  15. Coin fell in Console, how do I get it out?

    bubblegum and monofilament
  16. Pup and the "new" truck...

    hard no for me (dog) I got the Weather Tech Seat Protector and Door Protectors. Liked them so much I a set for my wife's car also. Easy to take on and off and the tan matches the carmello leather pretty well. I spent time and money tracking down this color interior, and I love my dog, but...
  17. Resonator Rattle - FIXED!!

    I just went and checked it after being cold for 3 hours and its gone...add it to my list of items before I go rent a car. now to find a reputable service department
  18. Resonator Rattle - FIXED!!

    thanks, this drives me nuts