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  1. Order tracking went backwards

    My truck was built about 2 weeks ago and the tracker didn't update till today and it went from Built to order confirmed. I'm guessing the tracker is just jacked up but does that mean my truck potentially shipped if it updated?
  2. Truck built but not shipped?

    My truck says it was built 9 days ago now and the order tracker says it takes a couple days to a week to arrange shipment. Does that mean it could take a couple days to a week to find someone to ship it or it should've shipped a couple days to a week after being built? Also is there any sort of...
  3. 5.0 and Black Package causing delays

    Ordered my 2023MY back in July and have been waiting for some sort of status change. As of today the dealer emailed me saying that the 5.0 and black package are causing production delays for my build and that it will still probably be months before being even considered for production. I wanted...