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  1. GWM module fails to download

    in my garage doing other module updates if you want to PM me and remote in.
  2. GWM module fails to download

    Have an update running now, will be back in 10, late dinner lol. Is it as simple as loading as builts? (I saved my files, haven't tried to reload)
  3. GWM module fails to download

    Hey Jesse, also having the same error on the GWM download. Happy to wait in line/get on when you can point me in the direction to edit forscan and retry. Appreciate it!
  4. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    Thank you both for confirmation, it sounds like the truck is not the limited factor its the software download to the USB drive. Will grab the recommended one.
  5. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    Question for the group.... on the USB drive for updating, does our trucks support usb 3.0 for faster transfer? Need to pickup a USB and don't want to grab a 3.0 if it will create any conflicts. Mongoose cable is in route and here friday. Thanks all.
  6. F-150 Scheduling This Week (4/27) for Production Week 5/22/23

    So they ARE building sport xlts with 18s, a few lariats/KR and some XLs....pretty much everyone else good luck next week! Woof, hopefully this is better for the 24 launch later this year.
  7. F-150 Scheduling This Week (4/13/23) for Production Weeks 5/1 and 5/8 + Current Constraints List

    When my 22 was built, the tracker was delayed to the emails, yes.
  8. F-150 Scheduling This Week (4/13/23) for Production Weeks 5/1 and 5/8 + Current Constraints List

    Yes you're "parts bin" is set and you should be built in a few weeks. Last year there was a ton of late rescheduling, but I haven't seen that this year. You are not affected by the notice at the top as you have a build week. Can always check in with Chip/Zach at granger, but they will tell...
  9. F-150 Scheduling This Week (4/13/23) for Production Weeks 5/1 and 5/8 + Current Constraints List

    I'm not in your email, so I'm only going by you saying you have a scheduled date. Things can get rescheduled, but usually once you have a date you're going to get built. If you want to post a screenshot of email, we can confirm further. Unlike above, waiting since order books opened last year.
  10. F-150 Scheduling This Week (4/13/23) for Production Weeks 5/1 and 5/8 + Current Constraints List

    If you are already scheduled, they have your parts allocated and this does not affect you. This is for ordered and unscheduled, stating what is holding up getting a date.
  11. Community Mongoose (Reprogramming Vehicle Interface) Lending Thread

    @rugedraw can you add me to the list? Going to push on my dealer, but we all know how that goes 🤣
  12. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Appreciate the information, very frustrating garbage on an 80k truck! Still lacking several features and have not had an update in 6 months. May end up on your list for a cable to get to full screen.
  13. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Thank you Kodiak, are you able to see anything as to why these aren't coming through?
  14. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Anyone able to pull this up in FDRS? thank you!
  15. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Can someone take a look as to why I'm not getting any OTAs? Dealer says it's up to date and there's no updates available. No updates since October, on 2.7.x (not in truck to confirm final version) 2021 King Ranch - 1FTFW1ED9MFA93565
  16. Thoughts on Ordering a 2023 HDPP F-150 XL (vs. XLT)

    To make it simple for you, you cant (and couldnt on a 21/22 either) get the HDPP with a 302A package. It was limited to 301A or below on 21/22, so even finding used one wont give you any of the following: -LED Headlights -Sport Pkg -B&O Stereo -Push Button Start -Zone Lighting -360 Cameras...
  17. 2022 F-150 Product Offering Changes

    I'll wager you are going to get platinum seats without active motion, a la a KR 600a vs 601a. I rethought mine and cancelled monday afternoon once the dealer confirmed Max Recline, Active Motion, & Adaptive Steering was removed from my 80k truck... If someone else made a comparable powertrain...
  18. Detailed Information About Ford Ordering & Scheduling Process

    that is not accurate Someone's watching Tim's videos as well haha! This is true, I have made a few changes while sitting priority 2, dealer followed the same process.
  19. ⏱ 2022 F-150 Scheduling Next Week (5/2) For Build Week 5/23

    and the all important dealer allocation being more important than priority. But yes constraints rule all, otherwise I would've been scheduled weeks ago as the highest priority and one of the longest still on the books at my dealer. Damn max recline.... Tough time to want new shiny things...
  20. ⏱ 2022 F-150 Scheduling Next Week (5/2) For Build Week 5/23

    ahhhh yes, I will cancel my build if indeed they are going to delete and build vs let it sit/rollover. No interest in a devalued truck, as it is the 21's are going to be worth more than a 22, and more than a job2 22 for sure with all the deletes. Sad times.