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  1. LED projector upgrades

    awesome. Thanks for that. I am ordering them today.
  2. LED projector upgrades

    wow they look awesome. Do you have a link for the ones you bought? I have do have some body work done on the front of my truck and I'm replacing the DRL/Fogs.
  3. LED projector upgrades

    Thanks @OleMustyBag that worked like a champ for me too. I now have working DRLs that blink when the turn signal is activated. Did you do anything with your fog lights? I don't care if I keep the factory fog lights at this point because I don't have the time to take the truck apart again lol...
  4. LED projector upgrades

    Sorry. Dumb Mac correcting my grammar by changing brake to break. lol. Here is the Forscan programming that has to do with the DRL and the turn signal:
  5. LED projector upgrades

    I checked out that thread. I'd kinda old and only one person had said they installed the Raptor lights, but don't post back on how or if they got the drl as a turn signal working. I'm gonna reach out to the others. Hawsa has been a bit silent. Maybe annoyed? lol. I'm really flummoxed here as...
  6. LED projector upgrades

    Any thoughts?
  7. LED projector upgrades

    Ok I have another thought. It looks like there are 2 different wires for turn lamps and drl. Is it possible that I need to move the pin outs for those and have the turn signal into the drl? I’m just not seeing a way in forscan to tell the truck that the drl is the turn signal. All of the turn...
  8. LED projector upgrades

    Thanks for the advice. I loaded back all of my as built stuff that I saved. At least for now all of the DTCs went away. I went back with Hawsa’s setting one by one and changed them. Still no blinking when I activate the turn signal. Then I went back to 42-01 and set it to Stop and Turn. This...
  9. LED projector upgrades

    I didn't change anything in the HCM. I think that is where the problem is. I was looking at the as built comparison and there are a few things in the HCM that are different. 734-01-02 mine is 0102 and the raptor is 0202. Mine is set to analog input, but the raptor is set to CAN. Also in...
  10. LED projector upgrades

    Thanks. I did use the tool and compared everything in 726. I made all of the changes that Hawsa suggested as well and none of that seems to work. Now I have no DRLs at all. I still don't understand why 726-37-02 works when set to stop and turn, but doesn't work when just set to turn only. I...
  11. LED projector upgrades

    After a couple of hours last night I finally have the amber drls on all the time however the only way I can get the drl to be used as the turn signal is when I make it set to Stop and Turn in 37-02. It doesn’t seem to work when I choose the turn only option there. So the problem is that the drl...
  12. LED projector upgrades

    Ok maybe I should put the original back and start from scratch. Now I have the headlamps to n without the drl even when the lights are not on. Ghosts in the machine.
  13. LED projector upgrades

    Could this be an HCM programming issue? I'm wondering if I need to change the HCM VIN to match the Raptor in 734-02-XX. Thoughts? Also Hawsa what did you put in for 726-43-01?
  14. LED projector upgrades

    Still having the same problem. I went so far as to get the ab's for both my truck and a raptor. Went through all of 726 and made all of the changes. I'm wondering if my extra wire in the harness is the issue. Maybe that is going to the turn signal in the bottom of the old light and needs to...
  15. LED projector upgrades

    I have a platinum so I had the projector headlights and the new raptor lamps I have are also the projectors. They work except I can’t get the drl to stay on all the time and be the turn signal. I can have it on all the time or as a turn but not both for some reason.
  16. LED projector upgrades

    How do I use this tool? I have the lights in and my headlights work so far, my amber drls are on but as assumed I have no turn signal. I tried the mods you gave me but still getting the rapid clicking indication that something is off. I downloaded the comparison tool I just don’t get how to...
  17. LED projector upgrades

    Awesome. I'm not sure what the difference is between them. I know in my truck I have auto high beam and dimming I believe. I have to research the different terminology. It sounds like it's going to be a pretty easy swap out for me though. Then I will have what I wanted. Once I get the...
  18. LED projector upgrades

    Waiting for him to chime in. Hoping I'm right though because returning these is going to be a pain in the a$$. haha
  19. LED projector upgrades

    Yeah. Then I am going to change out the fog lights, but not sure what I want to do with those just yet. I bought the headlamps on eBay and I was thinking this is going to be a lot of work after ready this thread, but everyone doing this conversion is coming from the quad LEDs and not the...
  20. LED projector upgrades

    Chiming in here as I am about to embark on a swap out of my headlamps to get the amber DRLs. I currently have the projector headlights on my Platinum truck. So if I am reading all of this thread correctly it sounds like I don't need to do anything with the HCM, height sensors, or anything else...