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  1. Matched the steering wheel to my Katzkin seat

    I think it looks great, but I guess I have a yellow car too lol, let the haters be haters :)
  2. Drivers Side Window Switches InOp!

    yeah it is frustrating, I’ll keep an eye on it and report back, although the days are getting warmer here in the northeast so I’m not sure how much I’ll be using the starter in the near future
  3. Drivers Side Window Switches InOp!

    I did just get this pending update, sounds like maybe it should help, we will see.
  4. 2021-2023 F-150 Ford Performance Leveling Kit (by Bilstein) is released

    just found out my truck is missing the rear blocks and I’m hoping to install this kit in the near future, assuming I should order the blocks that came with the tuck and then add the kit, anyone install the level kit without rest blocks installed? Maybe on the 2 inch setting
  5. Should I have Rear Leaf Spacer Blocks?

    thanks I appreciate that, but totally understand. Also I do t think so to my knowledge, should be stock… at least that’s what I thought lol
  6. Should I have Rear Leaf Spacer Blocks?

    thanks that’s what I was starting to think too… I guess I should look into part numbers
  7. Should I have Rear Leaf Spacer Blocks?

    Hey Everyone, in the near future I am looking to add the ford performance leveling kit. I purchased my truck as a CPO and it was lowered when I first looked at it, before purchase I had the dealership return it to stock height (so they say). I know they replaced the shackles for the standard...
  8. Headliner rattle with pano moonroof

    Any update, I booked an appointment at my dealer for a rattle next Friday. But wondering if I should just fix it myself too
  9. Tire rubbing? Stock tires...

    Anyone find a clever solution to this, same issue here on my 2022 XLT
  10. Massachusetts Passenger Taillight XLT 302A w/blis

    Up for sale is a passenger taillight from an xlt 302 a with blis, the lens is cracked but the blis module has no issues, needs to be programmed. I bought a new lens and used my old blis module. 50 dollars.
  11. Front End Friday's - Show those GRILLS!

    How is the fit and finish on the eBay gloss black lariat grille? I’m about to pull the trigger but want to make sure it’s decent quality.
  12. Where to get a front Torsen Differential installed in a F150 non Tremor/Raptor?

    Hey figured I would reach out to see if anyone has had the front Torsen added recently, and if anyone has had their dealer do it and if so what the cost was?
  13. Drivers Side Window Switches InOp!

    ughhh hahah well I have hope for another if it happens again I’ll keep the chat updated
  14. Drivers Side Window Switches InOp!

    I had this exact thing happen to me this morning. Remote start, went to get a coffee wouldn’t roll down, pressed a bunch of buttons and when I pushed the left mirror button it started working….. anyone on here find a solution?
  15. ATLAS BLUE F-150 (2022+) Club

    Anyone have a truck with the OEM ford blackout emblems installed, preferable a xlt 302a?? Thinking about installing the emblems but wanted to feel it out
  16. Massachusetts 18” lariat sport takeoffs

    Are these still available?