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  1. Removing The Air Dam / Active Air Dam?

    The more I look at my truck, the less I like the appearance of air dam/active air dam. Has anyone here removed it from their truck without making any other modifications? If so, did it cause any issues, aside from mileage?
  2. 03/20/2023 - Build Week

    As I mentioned in the 03/27/2023 build week thread, my build got moved up to build week 03/20/2023. I ended up a blend date of 03/21/2023. I have yet to get an email but the tracker is now showing "Built" and is currently awaiting shipment. Has anyone else with a 03/20/2023 build week seen an...
  3. F-150 gets back Auto Start/Stop feature starting on 3/24/23

    This was posted by user over2000lbs. I didn't see it here so I am reposting it below. Hopefully this is okay. Fresh off the FMCDealer landing page While the automotive industry continues to be confronted by supply chain shortages, Ford is working diligently to ensure our vehicles are delivered...
  4. Ford's F-150 Incentives When Buying From Granger

    I live in Florida but I am buying my truck from Granger in Iowa. So when I look up available incentives on Ford's F-150 page, should I be using my zip code or Granger's zip code?
  5. 03/27/23 - Build Week

    I decided to go ahead and create a build week thread since I received my VIN a couple of days ago. I know of at least one other person on this forum has been assigned this build week. Hopefully, nothing will happen that would cause Ford to push the date back.
  6. Directions For Oil Change

    While I await my F-150, I am reading through the owner's manual, and to my surprise it does not give directions on how to perform an oil change. Does Ford not provide directions for doing this this?
  7. Question About Auto Start-Stop Removal

    When the auto start-stop feature is removed from the F-150 as a custom order option, what is changed in the truck aside from the dash button? Does Ford also change or alter the starter and battery as well? I ask because I have been people say that cars and trucks with auto start-stop come with...