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  1. This is galling!

    My battery has been replaced by Ford twice in my 2022 PB. I'm doing an 8000 mile road trip out west this summer and just replaced the Motorcraft battery with an X2 Power H7 that I got from BatteriesPlus. This seemed like the highest quality around and has a 4 year warranty. Over $300 but...
  2. RV electrical system upgrade complete

    Nice!! Would be good to cover those battery posts, positive and negative are pretty close together.
  3. Those Towing With Michelin LTX Defenders...

    I put my back tires at 42psi when towing my boat trailer which is about 8000 pounds. It definitely helps. My previous 2016 F150 was a 5.0 and had 18" wheels and it really needed it. My 2022 PB has max tow with 20" wheels and a bit lower profile tires so they seem a bit stiffer but I still notice...
  4. Bluecruise question regarding trailer lights

    I have a hitch mounted Versahaul rack that I use for my motorcycle. The motorcycle covers the taillights for the most part when on the rack. I would like to put taillights on the rack and connect them to the trailer connector, but then the truck thinks there is a trailer attached and I can no...
  5. Towing a 7,500 lb travel trailer w/o a WDH?

    I tow my SeaRay Sundancer 260 boat which weighs about 7000 pounds without the trailer so I think the total weight is about 9000 pounds. Not sure about the tongue weight but surely over 500 pounds. No sway at all, even up to 70 mph, but generally keep it at 65. Tows great. For this short trip...
  6. Max Recline Seat - 2021 Platinum (black)

    I ordered my 22 PB with Max-recline seats but they were deleted. I would possibly be interested, but the seats would have to be in almost perfect condition as mine are, and I would have to know for sure that this was a simple swap with the same connections etc. Everything would have to work like...
  7. 2024 Navigation Now Subscription Based Only

    As long as I continue to get the map, I am fine. I never use navigation on the F150, but I think the map display is really nice. I use Apple or Google maps for navigation.
  8. 12v battery issues seem to be widespread with EV vehicles experiencing problems similar to those on the Ford PB

    I understand the need for a 12v battery since so many components require 12v but why can't they just somehow provide 12v from the hybrid battery via a transformer or something? Seems like the easy way out to just put in a legacy 12v battery.
  9. What is your experience with Blue Cruise?

    Jim, so you're confirming that we can now get BlueCruise 1.4 using FDRS? This is the first time I've heard anyone say they could get all the features including the lane change. If so, I'll probably be doing that pretty soon. I like BlueCruise 1.0 for long trips; I've gone 700-800 miles per day a...
  10. Deleting the Pro Trailer Backup Assist knob (Aka Noob Knob)

    As the Brits would say "you're the knob".
  11. Deleting the Pro Trailer Backup Assist knob (Aka Noob Knob)

    I think everyone (including me) just needs to try to be more civil in their posts as well as life in general. There should be no problem with a post about how to delete the backup assist knob, but the problem is that there was also the part saying no one should be towing if they need it or just...
  12. FordPass Location

    Here's something I learned when my truck had to be transported back from Moab Utah. The Ford dealership can update the location and mileage to the cloud which shows on FordPass. This led me to believe they had my truck running when they didn't, because they updated the mileage by 1 mile and it...
  13. Seeking tips/wisdom for BedRug Installation + Modification

    I can attest that anything with velcro hooks on it will stick to the bedrug itself. That's not always a good thing as it tends to pull the fibers from the bedrug.
  14. Deleting the Pro Trailer Backup Assist knob (Aka Noob Knob)

    I bet you wouldn't be able to back my short waverunner trailer in a perfectly straight line for 200 yards like the pro trailer backup does. The way the steering wheel moves is absolutely crazy, but it keeps a perfectly straight line. Yes, I know how to back a trailer too, but there are times...
  15. Power-Up and Priority OTA History Thread (F-150, Lightning, Mach-E)

    Like others have mentioned, my truck returned to normal the next time I drove it. In fact, I got really good results on a one hour drive on country roads and highways at 60 mph max. I'll post the screenshot. So, averaging about 45 mph I got 25.7 mpg. Also, it's very nice that Ford gave details...
  16. Power-Up and Priority OTA History Thread (F-150, Lightning, Mach-E)

    I just got this on my 2022 Powerboost, installed successfully last night. I haven't tested much yet, but did notice that truck didn't go into electric mode as expected on my way back from breakfast this morning. Need to do more checking.
  17. FDRS Down?

    It worked last weekend for me with version 38, I had to use login option 2 and I was able to sign in on a browser screen like what you show.
  18. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    Might need to check Windows Defender settings to make sure FDRS is allowed to access the Internet. Sounds like it can't contact the license server in the cloud. You should get a pop-up when installing and have to check the option to allow Internet access.