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  1. Bluecruise What is Ford Thinking ??

    Many of us with 2021 Job one Trucks have really enjoyed Bluecruise and we gave Ford the benifit of the doubt and paid up front $600 to extend our BLuecruise subscription for an additional 3 years ! We have patiently waited now for 3 1/2 month letting ford Figure out a way to push the updates...
  2. Fords Biggest Fan

    I am making a winter quilt ! Does anyone know what model year this panel is ?
  3. LED Tail Lamp w/BLIS for Platinium

    Has anyone tested this LED replacment available on Ebay Motors ? The priceis right ! https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2499334.m570.l1312&_nkw=NL34-13B504-CA&_sacat=6000 Right Rear Tail Light Brake W/Blind Spot For Ford F150 F-150 2021-2023 Taillight Opens in a new window or...
  4. Replacement Tail light assy lense

    can anyone help to find a replacement right tail light lense for my 2021 F150 Platinum powerboost ? The ford dealer is asking $800 I do not need to replace the BLIS module as I thnk it is coded to the vin I just have a small crack in the lense seems It can be fixed for less than $800 any help...
  5. 3.5.2 and 3.5.3

    Has anyone recently received over the air on your job1 2021 F150 it has been 10 days since I received 3.5.2 but nothing new for me yet ? I am hoping for Alexa built in soon !
  6. Power boost start/stop sport versus normal

    I find it annoying that the normal mode of the power boost starts the engine as soon as you press the gas pedal. Is there a way to change this to act like it does in sport mode and the engine starts as soon as you release the brake? This is a much smoother operation in my opinion. Or maybe it...
  7. 2021 F150 platinum driver side mirror - thin black line around the outer edge ?

    Can anyone please explain why there is a thin black line around the outer edge of the driver's side mirror on my F-150 Platinum? This line only exists on the driver's side mirror it is not on the passenger side mirror. I find this very annoying when I'm looking in the mirror to see what's behind me.
  8. How often is Order Tracking updated?

    I just purchased a F-150 Platinum Hybrid, it was ordered by my dealer back in August but I bought it today. Been tracking the order but no activity for 3 days how often is this updated. I wish I cold get more details