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  1. So this happened earlier today (hood popped open)

    Is it time to install in-engine-compartment hood leash(es)? Figure we can make them long enough to allow the hood to get high enough to be able to unlatch a carabiner...
  2. Blue Cruise Active During Deadly Crash in Texas

    In slow/crawl rush hour, I wouldn't necessarily increase following distances. FWIW, in heavy traffic, I try as much as possible to control who I let in front of me. That lifted F350 isn't going to be one I let in.
  3. Blue Cruise Active During Deadly Crash in Texas

    Do we need to increase following distance in cases where we are stuck behind a box truck? Personally, at highway speeds, I don't sit behind something where I can't see the road ahead of me. Brake lights a 1/2 mile ahead or seeing vehicles swerve is important information.
  4. What did you do WITH your F-150 today?

    not at all. helpful post my friend...
  5. New York Banks pedalmonster

    Just a quick note on these PMs... They allow for user managed control of the computer that applies power based on where the accelerator pedal is at in the travel. You can use your cell phone to tailor the response on the fly and go from a stock feel all the way to Mach 11. Totally reversible...
  6. Clear oily substance leaking from rear view mirror

    It's your blinker fluid reservoir leaking. Have your turn signals been acting up?
  7. LensunSolar Hood Solar Panel F-150 Powerboost BAP/Tremor Hood Installation

    Nice write-up, thanks for taking time to post that up!
  8. 4WD vs Auto 4x4

    Using AWD/4WD full time can double the amount of traction you can get. Glad to see you have the issue 100% settled for you.
  9. NEW MEMBER of the Family

    Main reason I don't want to get a dog that will wind up weighing more than I can dead lift easily... :D :D :D
  10. Powerboost Rock Sliders

    Understand your logic completely. Sure hope you can find a local fabricator to make custom running boards suited for your particular purpose. With the above said, my strong suggestion is to get something that will bolt to the frame. Based on what I've read and NOT personal experience...
  11. Powerboost Rock Sliders

    Hey Doc, I am always the guy that frowns when others start "idea bashing" but in this one case, I have to ask. What are you going to do with your PB in the rocks? I'm not seeing how our LOOOOONG PB with expensive stuff in harms way, even though it is tucked up on the undercarriage, will stay...
  12. 4WD vs Auto 4x4

    For the OP - I use 4 Auto on wet/slippery asphalt and concrete. I use 4L or 4H (sometimes with locker) retrieving the boat and trailer from the water. In deep, very loose sugar sand I'll use 4L or 4H. I grew up in snow country and can drive the wheels off just about anything in the...
  13. Testing an Aux batt solution...

    8 amps? Yikes!
  14. Better to replace spark plugs earlier than 100K if running a tune? Also, any better than OEM sparkplug options available?

    I don't think I'll ever forget anti-seize. Any time the cap comes off it is EVERYWHERE. Sure wish someone would come up with a sanitary method of dispensing this life-saving salve...
  15. Kinetic rope & soft shackle recovery incident

    Is that bronco driver is drinking tea? C'mon!!!!!!!! After that something distilled is 100% advised or at least strong, black coffee!!!
  16. Little to no fuel when DTE = 0!!!!

    My PB is my emergency generator, so I get kinda antsy when I go below 1/2 tank! Also read somewhere fuel pumps last longer if you keep them cool-ish by not running the tank down near empty. Not sure if this applies to the PB but seems logical...
  17. Ford/leer tonneau cover

    Any tri-fold cover blocks the rear window and that is no bueno... For that reason alone they are off the menu for me...
  18. vs. CyberTruck - A fair shake

    How does falling head over heels in line with the Great Reset and WEF give the world a giant middle finger?
  19. Rad truck straps for bed

    HammaMan, always great content! IMHO, anything with suspension on it needs strap ends with a strap end closure flap. You can hit a big enough dip/bump that a bike will squat and lose the strap hook. FWIW, I like these...
  20. Problems with a spray in liner?

    FWIW, I would check the tailgate trim panel screws to make sure they didn't strip any whilst monkeying around with it. Two finger tight is good enough, no need to break out the milwaukee 250ft/lb impact.