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  1. OTA 24-PU0226-SAPT

    Yeah, the only explanation was what you see in the pic. Dashboard notifications.
  2. OTA 24-PU0226-SAPT

    I got this update last night. Information said it would be quick and it installed fine. Haven't driven yet so I don't know exactly what the difference is from before the update.
  3. 2kW Pro Power came through for 14 hours of backup power during home power loss

    Correct. I left out the 2kw. I missed the 2kw comment.
  4. 2kW Pro Power came through for 14 hours of backup power during home power loss

    The powerboost can come with 2.4kw or 7kw. The mention of 2.4kw only on a non powerboost truck is incorrect.
  5. Powertrain malfunction/reduced power

    The issue is intermittent. I wasn't told anything like that. I get the message once every few weeks or so and it goes away after driving and a restart. I would check with Ford and see if it's okay to drive. Having them keep it until the parts are available is ridiculous.
  6. Powertrain malfunction/reduced power

    Why are the dealerships holding your trucks? They can be driven with this issue. It comes and goes, but the only indicator of a momentary issue is the wrench light. Are they finding something else? What are they telling you the reason is for not driving it?
  7. thinking of battery replacement out of pocket

    I posted it in the thread you quoted me from.
  8. Side cameras on with turn signal

    The IPMA update is a long one. Took over 2 hours to complete. It updates multiple modules.
  9. Glare free lights acting funny

    Actually I meant that I set it and don't worry about it. I did change back to a 4. They are working properly.
  10. Glare free lights acting funny

    I agree and feel the same way.
  11. 50/50 view cam at speed help

    When you go into forscan to make your changes, look at the forscan spreadsheet for what the values mean. Most lines of code in your as-built cover multiple things. For example, one of the values you will change can be a,b,c,d,e,1,2,3,4, or 5. A lot of different values and the correct one for...
  12. Glare free lights acting funny

    Yes, I thought the same thing. It does seem to indicate when the high beams are active. I do have bank mode enabled so I can't tell by fog lights.
  13. Powertrain malfunction/reduced power

    I think it's this one..
  14. 50/50 view cam at speed help

    No, not for the 50/50. You do need a trailer attached for the side camera view with turn signal. Then it just shows the left or right camera when you signal.
  15. 50/50 view cam at speed help

    This enables the 50/50 cameras at speed. The view is the left and right side mirror cameras. I'll post a pic.