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  1. 2kW Pro Power came through for 14 hours of backup power during home power loss

    Had a snow/ice storm come through my town over the weekend and lost power for about 26 hours. Ran the harbor freight generator for most of the day, but wanted to run the truck because it's quieter. Ran the heat, tv, fridge, lights and some other things for about 14 hours off ProPower. Used about...
  2. How big is your garage?

    The wife an I are in the beginning stages of a reno/addition and am looking into a garage. I'm curious to see what sizes you guys have. I'm thinking at least 26'x26' and I know everyone says the bigger the better but, I think that's as big as our property will allow. Anyway, ideally I'd like to...
  3. Wipers too high?

    A couple of months ago I brought my truck in for the recalls on the wiper blade motors and ever since I got it back, this wiper has been bothering me and it seems higher than it used to be. Is there a way to adjust these lower?
  4. Ordered 2nd F150. The Saga continues

    Placed my order for a 22' F150 today with Chapman Ford. My 21' was ordered on January 21st from a different, local dealer. 6 months later it finally shipped and my excitement was building again. That excitement slowly faded when the truck hadn't shown up after 2 months of being "in transit"...
  5. Incentives for previous orders

    I don't remember where I saw it but it was a picture of 3 different options for people who's vehicles didn't get scheduled. You could keep your incentives at time of order, at time of second order or when you receive the 2nd. Also people who ordered before March or April got an extra grand...
  6. 50 days in transit. How to elevate.

    Today marks 50 days in transit and also the ETA end date when the truck was supposed to arrive(after it was pushed a week during transit). I've pushed my lease end 3 months and could potentially have to go another and risk losing money if/when it shows up. I'm giving it til Sunday to show up and...
  7. What brand wheel is this?

    Anyone know this wheel brand?
  8. "Sent to plant" before shutdown club

    I have to assume there are others in this position. I have a KC build. Ordered in January, have been pushed back twice and the last update in the vehicle visibility report shows "sent to plant". Ford tracker shows "in production". Plant shut down right after that so I'm in limbo. With KC...
  9. Revealed: First Look at 2022 F-150 Lightning [Updated with 4.4s 0-60mph run]

    Updated with video revealing 4.4s 0-60 MPH : Added: This is a screenshot from my local news. Biden is talking at the Rogue electric plant in Dearborn.