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  1. New 24 BAP

    That's my exact truck minus the Bluecruise stuff, bed utility, spray in, and tonneau!! I'll do that stuff when I get it. Now just waiting on confirmation the build begins the week of 5/06. Really love the color combo! Beautiful truck.
  2. 2024 - Has the 10 speed been remedied?

    I have that ZF 8HP behind the supercharged V8 of my FPace SVR (and my previous FPace with a supercharged V6). It performs flawlessly. That said, I think blanket statements on overall reliability of ANY car part are misleading regardless of how many vehicles that part is used in. I'm sure any...
  3. 2024 - Has the 10 speed been remedied?

    Come on, this is the internet ;). Cryptic one-line comments always go over well with no context.
  4. F150 Tail Lights: Easy to Steal, Expensive to Replace!

    Pretty sure you can get aftermarket units with BLIS now, prob bit more expensive than the plain LED ones but not Ford expensive. And they take what...an hour tops to do both sides? It's insane.
  5. F150 Tail Lights: Easy to Steal, Expensive to Replace!

    I'll be using those screws when my truck comes in. Thanks for posting! The standard torx security heads would be a good start but the miscreants probably have a set of those on then already. These ScrewD (love the name) seem different.
  6. Best Way To Protect My New F-150 Paint?

    I have a quality ceramic coating on my 2020 Jag and I'm impressed. If I do it on my incoming F150, it will be a professionally applied product, not the stuff Ford dealers offer. It's well worth the money, imo.
  7. F150 Tail Lights: Easy to Steal, Expensive to Replace!

    I am really starting to despise our modern "society". I'm sure the replacement was needed right away, but seems less expensive to go with aftermarket units vs stock dealer parts.
  8. Front End Friday with STX Styled Lower Bumper Grille

    That looks factory! Well done!
  9. Topped off 3 clicks and gas spilled out everywhere

    This is the key takeaway, imo. That extra little splash means nothing. It's usually attributed to ocd practices at the gas pump (either aiming for a rounded off dollar amount or gallons you think should be in there). No offense meant. Some room for expansion for vapors should be allowed in the...
  10. My F-150 ownership was short lived

    Sometimes the bug just bites. You HAVE to love what you drive. Sounds like you're in the right truck now!
  11. 2024 F-150 Scheduling This Week (4/18/24) for Production Week 6/3

    Interesting...I just got an update from Ford that they are bumping my build up to the week of 5/06 from 5/20
  12. Picked up my 2024 Ford F-150 King Ranch from World Ford Pensacola

    Beautiful truck! I don't think I would have chosen that color combo if I saw it online but it looks great in pics!
  13. 2024 King Ranch picked up from Granger Ford

    Gorgeous truck and great recap of the trip back! And I agree about that Embassy Suites in KC. I've stayed there for work a few times in the past and never liked it, but being a Hilton guy myself, I used it for points. Enjoy the ride!
  14. Lariat With PAT Scheduled For Production

    Did you post a pic somewhere. I like to torture myself by looking at them, lol
  15. Lariat With PAT Scheduled For Production

    Congrats!! I did. Got 5/20 production week. I don't have the PAT, but do have the mythical BAP on my 5.0L Lariat.
  16. News release: Ford Shipping New F-150, Ranger in Unprecedented Truck Offensive

    If supply chain is still an issue, it's intentional (and I think all of this crippling of American industry & consumer is 100% intentional). I wouldn't assume all of these are lemons. Nor would I assume that Ford is the only manufacturer to have quality issues. Mercedes, BMW, and Volkswagon...
  17. Got this update this morn...

    That's how I read that, too! Was the system throwing false codes or over-reacting to sensor data? Or is this their way of saying "We should have fixed that at the factory" or "You people are bringing your trucks in for too many service visits. IT'S NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT!"? I wonder if it was...
  18. Gotta love AI

    It's not AI, it's probably someone "off shore" answering these questions but pretending to be a robot, lol. They actually caught Amazon doing that with their "AI Checkout Free Shopping Experience". I'm half-kidding.
  19. Moonroof leaks through B&O speaker on headliner

    This was the most alarming thing to me. "Moonroofs are supposed to leak" is the most idiotic thing I've ever heard a service advisor say, across any make of vehicle. Glad Ford chimed in here and can hopefully get some movement on this.