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  1. Do or Do Not --- Livernois Powerboost add-on?

    Has the Intelligencia determined the $99 is money well spent or are there constraints/conditions to take into consideration before considering such a move? Warrant concern is already understood and not part of my query.
  2. Inverter use ~ 3 gallons over 8 hours

    Powered the whole house. Ran the central AC and even did some laundry. Only used about 3 gallons of fuel. SAweeeeet!!!!!!!!!! FWIW, the measurement is a SWAG based upon drive distance and usual MPG plus sitting in my driveway hooked up to the house.
  3. Dark mode?

    Need some help on getting the truck 100% dark mode. No lights. Nada. Nothing. Can I do it with forscan? I've activated the "dark mode" switch but still have many glowing things that should not be glowing when I tell them go dark.
  4. F150 has the clunk (like getting rear-ended) from the transmission. Safe to drive???

    This issue rocks the truck hard enough to move your body in the seat. Dealer tells me my truck is "safe" to drive, and released the truck back to me. How hard is that behavior on the driveline and transmission parts? It's been a week since they diagnosed the issue and I'm chasing them today...
  5. How low can you go? MPG Contest!

    Let's see who can have the most fun! Rules: Minimum 15 miles on trip odometer Use all 10 spds on trans - no locking out Nothing hooked to the bumper and leave your cargo at home. No speeding tickets during test! (It's more fun being quick from 0 mph to posted MPH. That should still be legal in...
  6. Is the 2021-2022 Powerboost a Keeper for the next 5-10 years?

    This truck has sooooo much potential and could really be a game changer. Ford's inability to figure issues out is troubling. We all know getting parts is problematic but I kinda feel there is hope the situation will get better. The inverter battery is warrantied for 10 years. Will the truck...
  7. Dash button for cameras turns on radio

    I hit the dash button for the cameras when pulling into a parking spot to make sure I don't smack the car in front of me. Been doing this for the last few months but yesterday that button started turning on the radio in addition to turning on the cameras. Just a FYI...