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  1. New York Sold: FP 2015-2023 front tow hooks

    The missus wanted them and now she doesn’t. They’re the red tow hooks on the ford performance website. Cost? Shipping.
  2. Get a load of this…

    So my local dealer was recently sold. They were bought by another local, much bigger dealer. This is the current cost for an oil change. And, no, I have no idea what they’re including for $121.
  3. New York Vent visor/window deflector

    Sooo I’m an idiot that didn’t read. I ordered my wife a set of the low profile window deflector/vent visors from accessories.ford.com. The only problem is that my dumbass ordered the set for a super cab not not super crew. If anyone is looking, I’ll sell them for 15% off ford price plus shipping.
  4. Squeak when depressing accelerator

    Hi all! I took delivery of my 22 tremor last Saturday, 11/5/2022. After about 550 miles on the truck, I noticed a squeak or chirp when I use the accelerator pedal. Any thoughts? It’s easily reproducible.