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  1. Vehicles thefts Key vs PTS

    Most states in the US aren't far behind. Here in NJ you're not allowed to shoot anyone breaking into your house, stealing or defacing your property etc unless they pose an immediate threat to your life. Even with that criteria met, you'll still be arrested and charged as most municipalities...
  2. My F-150 ownership was short lived

    Congrats! That is a gorgeous truck. If Ford had included the powerboost function on the super duty I'd no longer own an F-150 either 🤣
  3. Boondocking aid. (Truck loading hoist.)

    I'd love to see a video at some point. Seems pretty cool
  4. Wisconsin WTB Black belt molding (lower door window trim) set or single

    Damn, I hadnt thought of not being able to drive in the rain. I could stand to not drive for a few days but I don't have a garage...
  5. Wisconsin WTB Black belt molding (lower door window trim) set or single

    I have these in black on my truck. Would love to trade for your chrome. Have you attempted to remove yours yet?
  6. Mud flaps question - get front and back sets?

    I have the gatorbacks, had rekgen brand on my last truck and prefer the gatorbacks. Better hardware, construction and installation. But at more than double the price they had better be. Zoom necessary but this is the most recent picture of my truck. I like that the front and rears match. My...
  7. California Powerboost Hybrid | Talons Garage Skid Plate | Catalytic Converter Shield

    He was referring to me...i forgot to update my new truck.
  8. 2024 XL RCSB Paint Matched (Bumpers, Door Handles and Tailgate) - Photos

    For the record you went from chrome to paint not black plastic to paint?
  9. California Powerboost Hybrid | Talons Garage Skid Plate | Catalytic Converter Shield

    Is there any easy way to estimate shipping to 07626?
  10. 21 F-150 Relocation (extension) of OME Tailgate Camera Cables Help Needed

    I love that unit! I called a local dealer and they did everything in their power to talk me out of buying it 🤷. I'll watch the thread in hopes that I get to see the cap and camera installed!!
  11. Best Dealer to Order 2024 F150

    Granger. Drove from NYC area to Des Moines. Worth it.
  12. Getting nothing back on warranty refund

    Call the warranty customer support line. They can give you an exact dollar amount you're slated to get back if you cancel today. I had a hell of a time getting the sleazy dealer I bought my '21 from to refund my extended warranty cancelation but the support team helped facilitate it. Now...
  13. Why is Max Trailer Tow Package not available with the 18” Chrome-like wheels?

    I'm a bit curious if anyone has any more insight into this. I don't dislike the 20" chrome pvd wheels on my max tow but I can't help but wonder if the ride would be nicer with 18's instead.
  14. Topper transformation

    Oh god. Sounds hairy. At least you don't have to deal with that again
  15. Topper transformation

    My buddy has one of their headache racks the thing is nearly 15 years old and it looks brand new. You have good taste
  16. Topper transformation

    Buy once, cry once. I'd rather pay for good work one time. That highway products box ain't cheap either they make great stuff.
  17. Topper transformation

    If you don't mind me asking...what did they hit you for the paint match?
  18. Steeda anti roll bar part #555-1027 4wd

    Your truck is gorgeous! I've never readjusted my RSB but I'm sure I need to
  19. New Final Rule – EPA Emissions Standards for MY 2027 and Later LD/MD Vehicles

    Not to sound like a wet blanket on the campfire but I'll believe it when I see it. Just like the covid PPP loan scheme, I forsee the government incentives to build manufacturing plants to be great in theory and poor in execution. How long until subsidized factories are found to be operating...
  20. How to make Stowable Shifter fold down automatically?

    My plow truck is a medium duty GMC with an Allison trans. It has a push button shifter and lever operated plow controls. I dearly miss my previous 6 speed manual GMC. After many hours plowing in a storm having actual handles and levers>electronic controls. To quote Frank Drebin "Like a blind man...