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  1. Backseat sleeping in the powerboost with inflatable air mattress?

    So on the off-chance I need to sleep in the truck during a work trip or if my wife hates me, would something like this work? 😁 Offroading Gear SUV Backseat Inflatable Air Mattress w/Side Chambers - Car Camping Bed - for 4Runner, Outback, Forester, Cherokee, RAV4, etc. from Trekway...
  2. Powerboost Raptor R

    I’m pretty sure after a few beers, this would be an easy swap. Keep the PB trans/motor and it’ll bolt right up, yeah? 😂 https://performanceparts.ford.com/part/M-6007-M52SCA Kinda crazy that you can get an entire Coyote truck with a factory supercharger, for not much more than the R crate motor.
  3. Ranger Raptor people catcher

    Engineering at its finest!
  4. 4A + rain + TC off == fun!

    Had a bit of rain roll through and I was feeling like I could afford bail, so I went out and had some fun (in Mexico). For a giant ass brick, it sure does grip well. It kinda of reminded me of my Subaru days - just point it where you want it to go and give it more throttle. With, a slight bit...
  5. Unable to back up if driver door isn't completely closed..

    Well, this is a new one to me and had me feeling like an idiot for a good 45 seconds or so. Apparently, if the driver door isn't fully latched, the truck won't move while in reverse. :D I had to move my truck for the lawn guy and had the door slightly open while trying to back up. Nope...
  6. Belize..

    Just got back from a week in the Belize jungle. I am seriously considering retiring there. Land is cheap, the US dollar is 2:1, and the people are great. Taxes are crazy cheap as well. On the bad side, there is only one Ford dealer in the entire country. I did see a lot of newer Rangers and...
  7. So, I'm bored and want to spend some money..

    Give me some ideas! I have most of the basics already. Zero interest in lifts/leveling, or wheels/tires though. Also, don't tell my wife.
  8. F-150 R 6x6 v 775hp F-150: DRAG RACE

    Interesting what money can buy.. I could think of much better things to spend my money on, to only run mid-13s..
  9. Livernois F-150 Powerboost -- 11.9 sec 1/4 mile

    Just a E30 tune, intercooler and cat-back exhaust. Not bad. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  10. Four-legged F-150 riders

    For all the dog people. Barley - he likes all the room.
  11. Charge 12v battery using ProPower?

    So, intoxicants aside, I realize this might be a dumb question.. Could one plug a 12v battery charger into the truck's 110v system to charge the 12v battery? Or is that like plugging a power strip back into itself?
  12. Tremor frame-up restoration

    Came across this on while internetting Really cool to see how modular everything is.
  13. Eco Idle resetting?

    I've noticed a few times that the eco Idle has been toggled off, not by my doing. Today was probably the third time I've noticed that the truck was idling at ~1k rpm instead of 1.3-1.4k. A check of settings showed that it was toggled off. Is there something that would reset the feature that...
  14. DALL-E

    https://openai.com/research/dall-e Very interesting. And kind of scary. Results for "F150 climbing a mountain on the moon. There are American flags in the background. Eagles are flying. Fireworks are exploding. Digital art". Seemed very ' murican. 😂 You can go down the rabbit hole...
  15. Alignment off from the factory?

    I took my truck in today for an oil change/tire rotation and they noted that the alignment was off. I only have ~4k miles on the truck, and I don't recall hitting anything that might have knocked it out of spec. Is it possible the alignment wasn't correct from the factory, or is it normal to...
  16. Ford Accessories - Pet Floor Hammock

    I was bored and looking for ways to spend FordPass points and came across this, which I don't believe I've seen in the catalog before - https://accessories.ford.com/products/super-duty-2023-rear-pet-seat-cover-floor-hammock It looks to be just a marked up resell of this -...
  17. Florida EGR SUPERGUARD HOOD GUARD MATTE BLACK FINISH - New, never installed. $65 local pickup.

    https://egrusa.com/products/hood-guard/1869 I bought this thinking I'd like it, but I didn't. It's new, never installed, still has the protective wrap, HW, and instructions. I'm in the Tampa area and would prefer to sell locally. If someone wants to pay for shipping: Actual shipping cost + $65...
  18. 15% off Ford Merchandise

    Not sure if this is allowed, or even the correct forum, but figured I'd pass it along - you can use 'GOFURTHER15' as a discount code for a 15% off from https://merchandise.ford.com I ordered a few shirts for me and a teddy bear for the granddaughter.
  19. 303 Graphene in action

    Finally got a bit of rain, perfectly timed after washing my truck this morning.. 303 Graphene does hate water though.. 😊
  20. 700HP Whipple Supercharged 2021 F-150 Build - Sights, Sounds & Dyno

    I do like my PB, but damn... That Coyote sound @ 5:35..