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  1. Factory Heated Seat Retrofit

    Hey guys, Looking to figure out if anyone has done just a heated seat upgrade for a base XLT (non 302A). I basically want to: - add the HVAC module with the heated seat buttons, - heated seat pads under my factory cloth, - and presumably run the wire that does not exist. Any help is...
  2. Best value TPMS

    Hey guys, just got a sweet set of new shoes and looking to add 4 TPMS sensors. What kits do you guys buy and from where? I originally thought I’d reuse my originals but I would then have to pay a tire shop to remove them rather than just install.
  3. Tony’s ‘21 budget build

    Hey guys, Wanted to start documenting my light budget friendly mods. This truck sees heavy use so I am only adding functional equipment to help me out. First step is a set of 285-70-17 BFG trail terrains on 17” raptor Gen 3 takeoffs Stay tuned for pics of them mounted! Original shot: Post...
  4. How often do you grease your brakes

    How often do you guys grease your caliper pins, boot seal, and where the brake pad ears sit I typically use the high temperature brake grease once a year before the winter on all my old Ford vehicles and have never had to change a caliper (I kept most of them 7-8 years) not sure what the rule...
  5. Minimum floor jack height

    Hi All, What floor jacks are you using to do a tire change job on your stock trucks. The biggest floor jack I can find locally has a lift of 24”. Is that high enough? I want to avoid needing a 4x4 spacer to lift the truck. Last year I used the factory scissor jack and it was a pain...
  6. Tested what max payload looks like - 2021 F-150 5.0 w/ 3.73

    Maximum posted payload of 1998 lb. in my configuration and these Sods weighed out at 1990 lb. For drivability the 5.0 w/3.73 performed surprisingly well. Felt nice and firm around corners. My only complaint is how much front to rear bounce back I would have if I hit the brakes too hard at a stop.
  7. 2021 XLT Bench Seat Cover Pics

    Hi All, I spent alot of time trying to find good heated seat covers for my 2021 SCAB. i Ended up finding some at costco that were 9.97$ at the warehouse (each). They fit absolutely perfect and are heated (which is nice because i have a 301A package)...
  8. Which rear diff do you get with 3.73 gears

    Just wanted to throw this information out there. Ordered a ‘21 super cab with 3.73 locking rear gears. I always wondered if it would be the 8.8 or 9.75 rear end. I did not order any sort of heavy duty towing package. Turns out it’s indeed the 9.75 per the picture I took underneath today.