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  1. What kind of MPG mileage are you getting with your Powerboost?

    It is kind of odd but there are so many variables. Different gas blends and grades. Some use premium, the one time I used it for towing, mileage went down. How does that happen? Some drive a LOT faster and or more aggressively. We know that lifts are a guaranteed loss of 2-3mpg. Changing tires...
  2. 400w in cabin outlets

    Those outlets aren't live all the time. 45 mins after engine shut off. Something like that
  3. 400w in cabin outlets

    I haven't used the 120s in the cab much and haven't noticed any problems but I think if you check the power on board screen, you'll see its just 200W?
  4. Pedestrian Sounder Delete (No Codes, Easily Reversible)

    Ordered the remote version (default on) and the fuel door pin. Being able to pair it with the home link buttons, is quite a nice feature.
  5. Topped off 3 clicks and gas spilled out everywhere

    One, two, three, go? Or, One, two, three, GO!:)
  6. Loading/unloading a 450 lbs safe from truck bed

    Mapping existing reinforcement in concrete, was one of the things we'd do at the engineering firm I worked at. Necessary for the preliminary design work, evaluating any add ons, remodeling etc. of lrg. commercial buildings. So, yes, the scanners and the service exists. And as with all tech...
  7. Show us what your F-150 tows

    Not a very inspiring pic but needed a nice, uniform place to confirm hitch height install was where I wanted it. This was on the way out on our first trip and was the first chance to check it in a "loaded to go" condition.
  8. Topped off 3 clicks and gas spilled out everywhere

    This thread was helpful. I guess I'm just too used to older vehicles. How much one can take after the first click, can depend on the pump, the approach angle, different vehicles etc. Didn't know anything about a charcoal filter that could be spoiled.
  9. Pedestrian Sounder Delete (No Codes, Easily Reversible)

    Glad this thread resurfaced. I'll be doing the back up delete and fuel door pin mods soon.
  10. 4WD vs Auto 4x4

    I was going to post an observation I had yesterday but I see you guys are all over this already. :) I used to drive off road and in all weather, every day, for decades. But in trucks without things like traction control, or drive modes. Your choices were basically 4WD HI or LOW, or not. Good...
  11. Loading/unloading a 450 lbs safe from truck bed

    Hadn't seen that before. Looks pretty steep. And spendy. I used to fairly frequently need to load a garden tractor that between it, attachments and me, weighed in the neighborhood of 1300lbs. I bypassed the tailgate by buying a set of arched ramps that span over the tailgate. You need a loading...
  12. Boondocking aid. (Truck loading hoist.)

    The front wheels are on a dolly swivel. Just got in the bed and wheeled it off the platform. A little tight maneuvering in a short bed but definitely doable without making things go in ways they aren't designed for. A bigger tote, or a different design, could be a problem but this was the...
  13. What kind of MPG mileage are you getting with your Powerboost?

    Had a feeling I was noticing the same about cruise and have started manually downshifting to stay out of the turbos. On moderate hills, bringing it down to 8th is usually all that is needed and once out of turbos, can usually go back to 9th fairly quickly and back to 10th by the crest of the...
  14. Loading/unloading a 450 lbs safe from truck bed

    With my 2001 F150, I honestly don't remember if I removed the tailgate or not but probably did. Anyway, 850lb fire safe. Loaded upright, with a forklift. At home, my brothers and I walked it down off the pallet, laid it down, then slid it on cardboard off the truck, onto cardboard, back to...
  15. Boondocking aid. (Truck loading hoist.)

    There are a few vids about it on Youtube. It worked well, really.
  16. Boondocking aid. (Truck loading hoist.)

    So, when I first brought this idea, there was, shall we say, reasonable doubt. I showed proof of concept, enough to satisfy me, here, https://www.f150gen14.com/forum/threads/bed-or-receiver-mount-crane.23233/ Today was the real test and I wasn't disappointed. Bro and Sis in law don't really...
  17. First Oil Change Mileage?

    Chuck at Granger, knew I bought the truck to tow a TT and said to change the oil at 5K and every 5K after. I have a decision to make soon. I've always changed my own oil but especially since my one and only dealings with a local dealer on this truck was a disaster, am thinking it could be a...
  18. Window Bounceback?

    Happened the first time the other day. Both front windows. Then the passenger worked properly but had to use the window select height part of the switch, to close the driver's side. I've read the several threads about it and didn't find a rock solid cause. Lubing the seals, an update glitch...
  19. PowerBoost MPG - WTH??

    I frequently see mid to upper 20s (27 ish?) on day to day running around., including speeds of 72. Usually lower to mid 20s (23-25) but except for when temps were 20F and below, not usually below that. Mileage did take a hit in winter, frequently seeing just 18+. I played around with Eco mode...
  20. Rain Sensing Wipers Not Sensing Rain

    All I have to do to mine is have them on the low setting. They come on, go off, change speed as needed. They're turned on in the synch but I don't recall setting up any profiles. Set the mirrors, seats and pedals, using the memory button for my Wife and I but nothing in the synch.