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  1. Interstate VS Duracell?

    My local sams has a duracell H8 for $200.00 and my local costco has an interstate H8 for $170.00 Is it worth saving the $30 or is Interstate just as good or better than Duracell???
  2. lithium batteries..

    does anybody know if our trucks will accept lithium batteries? they look nice and all but are sure damn expensive as hell..
  3. Question for the really smart fellas..

    I have a relative whom is willing to let go of their RAM 1500 power running boards to me for the low. Long story short.. could I make them fit onto my truck with the right knowledge and or resources?? TIA
  4. What were to happen if I...

    As the title says, what were to happen if I put my truck into reverse while driving? I know on some vehicles the backup camera will come on. I'm curious to know if anybody has tried on their truck yet lol..
  5. Long Tube Headers 5.0L V8?

    Anybody on this forum installed a set of LTH for their Coyote’s yet? If so I would like to gather some information.. TIA
  6. I should’ve done this a long time ago..

    After nearly 2 years of owning my truck, I finally had the opportunity to get my trailer tow mirror caps paint matched! Boy i should’ve done this a loooong time ago lol.
  7. new style Ford oval emblems..

    Does anybody know if the new 2024 style emblems will retrofit onto our trucks? I like how it is a simple black and white instead of the stupid black and chrome oval. Part numbers too would be appreciated. TIA!
  8. Google Maps not loading consistently..

    Is anybody on here experiencing this issue or similar? It’s happening to me every other time i connect my phone and is starting to heavily piss me off. I’m hoping there are some actual resolutions out there.. TIA
  9. 0% interest rates making a return?

    I got this email today from the individual that sold me my F150. Not sure how valid it is but i hope it’s true cause that’ll give us consumers a sense of faith.

    Has anybody on here done a AAL to their max tow equipped truck yet? TIA!
  11. rearview mirror alternatives..?

    I'm starting to dislike the OEM rearview mirror on our trucks due to how small the viewing area is. Have any of you folks upgraded your rearview mirrors to something that is larger in size and or whatnot? Hopefully someone out there can chime in for me on this one.. TIA!
  12. transmission fluid question..

    My truck is currently at 32XXX miles. I’m looking to have the transmission serviced extremely soon. Do i go for just a pan drop, complete drain or something totally different? TIA!
  13. AGM battery mandatory?

    I’m somewhat considering upgrading my current battery to an H8. My question is an AGM battery mandatory for our trucks or is it optional? TIA!
  14. Where to list vehicle for sale?

    Other than the main online automotive platforms, what are some good places i could list a vehicle for sale? TIA!
  15. Buy GAP INSURANCE at the dealership or no?

    As the title states, what do you folks think? TIA!
  16. who sells the cheapest extended warranties?

    I seen a thread or two about this already but can’t find it anywhere lol. Anyways, who are the folks that sell extended warranties for the low? TIA
  17. Thinking about selling my truck..

    Long story short i don't think i will be happy holding onto my truck for the long run. I have had thousands of dollars worth of stuff done to my Lariat. Do you think folks think it is fair for me to list my truck higher than private party value in attempts to minimize losses or? I have no plans...
  18. Intermittent problem with my 5.0L V8 Coyote.. anybody else?

    This issue is intermittent as stated in the thread title. My truck will randomly struggle to turn over and start up the engine. My first guess was that the alternator or battery are going out. However i took my truck to a local Autozone to get a quick and free battery/alternator check. The...
  19. Battery Recommendations For Our Trucks?

    I know this is a subjective question, but what are the usual fan favorites when it comes to our truck batteries for replacement? TIA!
  20. Carmigo sucks..

    I recently filled out one of their applications to list my other vehicle a month or so ago. Said i would get offers within 48 hours. Well a month or so later i haven’t heard back. Don’t waste your time with those buttholes fellas! @carmigo