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  1. Easy Entry Position

    I was playing around with my steering wheel position the other day and somehow changed my easy entry storage position. Does anyone know how to reset it? I've been playing with it trying to get it to change and haven't lucked out yet.
  2. Noise when engine under load

    So like others, I've had a strange vibration on my F150. Its always sounded like a bad wheel bearing on the front drivers side. Does it in 2x4 and 4x4. and mainly going up hill. I was playing with the gear lockouts the other day and noticed that while I had dropped a gear, i didn't get my...
  3. FORScan OBD Data

    Hey guys Can I access OBD data via FORScan? I'm struggling to find it. Thanks
  4. Starting Engine from a Stop

    Had a buddy ridding with me last night. He noticed the lurch from a stop where the ICE takes over. Asked me why I wasn't starting the engine prior to moving. I asked him what exactly he ment. Apparently you can start the ICE of most Hybrids by tapping on the gas. I tried it and yep, ICE starts...
  5. Illinois Retrax Pro MX for 6’5” Bed

    Hey guys Im selling my RetraxPro MX cover. 6.5' bed. Its in GREAT shape. Been a great cover. I am a little south of Rockford in Sycamore. It will be two years old on May 22.
  6. DiamondBack Cross Bin 8

    Hey guys. Does anyone have this? Is it able to hold bottles upright? Motor oil, gear oil, spray bottles, car cleaning products Ect?
  7. Odd Bubble on Speedo 502A

    Hey guys Starting today I have an odd grey hued bubble on my Speedo next to the “0”. Any ideas what it’s for?
  8. What tire came on your PowerBoost?

    We all know there are a multitude of tires that Ford ships on their F150's. My PowerBoost came with Wrangler Territory At's and the guys PowerBoost down the street came with Michelin Primacy's. Looking at tire rack I'm seeing that these are the only two tires they carry in this size that is...
  9. Electrical Oddities............

    Hey all I've been having.....Odd things happen now and then. I think these are just the way things are with the more computer driven systems. But just in case Im missing something I figured a post couldn't hurt. 1) Some times, say 25% of the time, my approach lighting doesn't work. No messages...
  10. 502A Stealable??

    Hey Guys Is the 502A Stealable? IE Hotwireable?? On my 2005 I had a hidden switch inline with the fuel pump for when I was in more questionable areas. With the 502a and everything pushbutton and keyless, Is the truck even able to be hot wired?? Easy to add the switch in the same way, but if...
  11. Bedlight when Tailgate opens mod

    Hey guys I was able to get my bedlights to turn on and off when I open the tailgate. I did try to use the factory "TailGate Ajar" signal, however that ended up being a resistance based signal and couldn't get it to work. I do have a fancier methode using timers and such, but due to complexity...
  12. Sick Diesel Gear Grill Led

    Wanted to throw this up for all those interested. I purchased the "2021-2023 F150 Lariat Grill Accent LED Power Bar" from Steven over at SDG. Nice Guy. great communication and was able to answer all my questions. Bar came very well packed, A box inside a box. The bar itself was very nice. high...
  13. Illinois WTB-Ford OEM PowerBoost Engine Cover

    Hey all if anyone has their OEM engine cover just laying around taking up space, I'm looking for one.
  14. Ford Accessories Site Problems

    Has anyone gotten the ford accessories site to work? Like purchased anything off of it? Logging in crashes the site most of the time. When I can login, there is nothing to look at. Everything disappears. Been that way all year for me (This year, 2023) Anyone else?
  15. Banks iDash SuperGauge

    Does anyone have this on a PowerBoost or have a list of values it can display for one? Thanks
  16. Low 12v Battery Message

    Hey guys There is soo much info out with people having 12v batteries go bad I thought it might be better to post what I got, See what the consensus is. First off, Have no problems at all with my 6600 mile 2022 Powerboost. I live in northern Illinois and its cold up here. -5 on Thursday and...
  17. Entering Oil Change in Ford App

    Hey Guys Did they change the app? Where do you go to enter your oil change? I changed my oil back in August and entered it through the app. Was super easy, made it easy to attach the receipts and ODM readings. Went in today to see at what Mileage I did that oil change at to find out the...
  18. PowerBoost Brake\Charging Coach

    This is about the "Eco Coach" on the IPC. When you are coasting or braking this going into a green "Charging" bar graph. If you brake hard enough the word "Charging" turns to white and the portion of the bar that moves out of the green zone also turns white. I've always been told that this white...
  19. 2 Post Hoisting / Lift Locations?

    Does anyone know what the preferred rear lifting point is? I called the lift institute and they wanted to charge me 15 bucks on a guide for all vehicles. I know the front point is under the front doors marked with an arrow. On my old '05, it was the pocket between the front most rear spring...
  20. "F-150 Saved"

    Almost every time i start the truck up the main big screen will say "F-150 Saved" Any ideas? 2022 PowerBoost