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  1. Backseat sleeping in the powerboost with inflatable air mattress?

    So on the off-chance I need to sleep in the truck during a work trip or if my wife hates me, would something like this work? 😁 Offroading Gear SUV Backseat Inflatable Air Mattress w/Side Chambers - Car Camping Bed - for 4Runner, Outback, Forester, Cherokee, RAV4, etc. from Trekway...
  2. F150 Tail Lights: Easy to Steal, Expensive to Replace!

    Pretty sure I didn't need this, but I ordered it anyway.. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  3. Vehicles thefts Key vs PTS

    I don't live in a 'bad area' per se, but I do keep my keys in a farady box just in case..
  4. 12" Screen Protector and Polarized Glasses

    I have this one - Carwiner Screen Protector for 2021-2024 Ford F-150 12In Navigation Display Tempered Glass F150 SYNC4 Touchscreen Protector Accessories (HD) https://a.co/d/2CzLlVD No issues with polarized glasses.
  5. Kinetic rope & soft shackle recovery incident

    Lessons are learned in blood, unfortunately.
  6. New 2024 F150. What accessories to get

    I'm against that, for potential liability reasons. Other ideas: - Wheel well liners - Truck nuts.
  7. King Ranch Floor Mats - Suggestions?

    Wait until you discover suede driving gloves…
  8. Powerboost Raptor R

    if I was spending 30k + x amount for everything else to actually do this pipe dream (literally) build, I’d get a built trans as well. Beefcake racing has one - https://www.beefcakeracing.com/sc-10r80-2-trans/ Sorry kids, get working. Mid-life crisis wins.
  9. Powerboost Raptor R

    I’m pretty sure after a few beers, this would be an easy swap. Keep the PB trans/motor and it’ll bolt right up, yeah? 😂 https://performanceparts.ford.com/part/M-6007-M52SCA Kinda crazy that you can get an entire Coyote truck with a factory supercharger, for not much more than the R crate motor.
  10. OTA updates and Livernois tuner.

    AFAIK, I've received every OTA update. I think I had maybe 700-800 miles on it when I installed the tune. Can Ford tell? Probably. They can also see any Forscan changes as well Is there a risk if something major breaks? Sure, but I don't think Livernois is sending out tunes that are going to...
  11. Gotta love AI

    These are some of my favorite examples of abusing open chatbots.. :D
  12. 10R80 Transmission Teardown

    Very interesting! These things are complex for sure. I can still barely fathom how an AT from 40 years ago works..
  13. Ranger Raptor people catcher

    Engineering at its finest!
  14. 4WD vs Auto 4x4

    I only do that on flat ground in wide open areas... Falling off a mountain just doesn't sound very fun to me. 🤷‍♂️
  15. Just received a PCO for $4000 off a 2024 F150 -- Anyone else get this offer?

    Were your logged into the site? Like I said, it may be pure coincidence as well.
  16. Just received a PCO for $4000 off a 2024 F150 -- Anyone else get this offer?

    I was curious, so I logged into Ford.com and did a build. About 20 min later, I got an offer for 3k off an F150, Lightning, or Expedition. Not sure if that's the secret sauce or just pure coincidence. Either way, I won't be using it - I kinda like my truck.
  17. Octane boosters

    Torco Unleaded Accelerator is one of the few legit ones that actually raises by full octane points; many of the off the shelf brands may add a few tenths of a point. I used to buy it by the case for my built Subaru and never had issues. They claim it's O2 and catalytic convertor safe, but I...
  18. Steeda rear sway bar for F-150

    I have one. It's easy to install. It helps quite a bit. The end. 😁
  19. Steeda rear sway bar for F-150

    Many have - https://www.f150gen14.com/forum/threads/anti-sway-bars-questions.15445/unread
  20. 4A + rain + TC off == fun!

    All the cool kids are doing it. 🤷🏼‍♂️ It does liven things up a bit though. 😊