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  1. Topped off 3 clicks and gas spilled out everywhere

    This is why the signs at the pumps tell you not to top off. Listen to the signs.
  2. 2023 F150 Faults and Warnings Lights came on while driving

    Interestingly enough I had the same issue yesterday. I had it happen before but this is the first time since I replaced my battery a few months ago
  3. PowerBoost MPG - WTH??

    All hybrids get better gas mileage with city driving than highway. No different with a Prius hybrid or any other.
  4. PowerBoost MPG - WTH??

    The PB gets better gas mileage on back roads than highways. There is a hockey rink we go to an hour an a half away. If I take back roads, which adds about 15 min, and is about equal miles, I get close to 25 mpg. If I take the highway I get about 18.
  5. My view settings constantly reseting

    Mine reset today and I haven’t received an update in months
  6. I did a dumb...

    That’s some bad luck. Sorry to hear it. I’m only surprised because I’ve had my keys in a bag in the bed of my truck numerous times after remote starting and it’s never let me start without going and bringing them into the cab. Doesn’t help now but would definitely invest in some AirTags or...
  7. I did a dumb...

    I just tried to recreate this and expected, it wouldn’t let me and gave me the no key detected message. Are you sure your key isn’t at work somewhere?
  8. Power-Up and Priority OTA History Thread (F-150, Lightning, Mach-E)

    Quite a few available since I last updated in Jan and I have only received one of them OTA. Might be time to break out the cable and laptop this weekend.
  9. Power-Up and Priority OTA History Thread (F-150, Lightning, Mach-E)

    Of course, two weeks after I replaced my battery. I would have loved to have tried this out before replacing, but I’m not having any problems now that I replaced it so that’s good enough for me
  10. Purchasing Used - Dealer Won't Provide Maintenance History

    Post the truck’s vin on the vin lookup thread with a request for the history and someone here will pull it up for you. Be sure to specify what you are looking for otherwise you might just get a list of updates available...
  11. Loss of acceleration. Mine is a2021 poweboost and it happens mostly in turns

    Sadly with all the data breaches to financial institutions, cell phone providers, and other companies his social is probably out there somewhere on the internet as well.
  12. Rattle Glovebox Bolster

    there are exceptions for sure. I don’t see this issue being one of them.
  13. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    I use Remote Desktop to the console session. Another option would be temporarily moving a home security camera. Many ways to skin a cat.
  14. Rattle Glovebox Bolster

    I wouldn’t hold your breath. TSB’s are for safety issues.
  15. Will this idea work to power my house off 7.2 kw Pro Power?

    For anyone considering adding a soft starter, micro air has 15% off right now. I have no affiliation with them other than being a happy customer. They never spam me and this offer has been the first discount I’ve ever seen myself.
  16. Ford Pass v5 - now available

    According to some posts on the Mach E and Lightning forums, there is an Apple TestFlight beta available but it’s invite only. I’m usually pretty good at finding public facing TestFlight URLs to get myself added to beta apps but no luck with this one yet anyway.
  17. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    On my PB, an old Battery Tender 5 amp wasn’t enough but my Noco Genius 10 has been fine. The whole process is pretty idiot proof. My battery died mid update and didn’t brick anything
  18. 2021+ F-150 FORScan List / Database / Spreadsheet ?

    I also had that view since day 1 when in reverse. No Forscan changes needed
  19. Magic Box for watching Netflix in F-150?

    There’s always one. My use case is sitting in a parking lot during my kids practices and I have still had people insist it wouldn’t be safe