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  1. Jumpseat to Console Swap Question

    Haha. To each their own. My jump seat is extremely comfortable for me as an arm rest even with a drink there. There’s a spot for the phone. Although the annoying thing for me is it isn’t wireless charging there. So I usually keep my phone in the cubby under the radio where I have a wireless...
  2. Jumpseat to Console Swap Question

    I'd try out the 3 seat layout for a while first. It's really comfortable and has plenty of storage. Bonus, when needed you can fairly comfortably move 6 people (smallest up front in the middle lol). I refused to pay more for less seating. Doesn't make any sense to me personally.
  3. who sells the cheapest extended warranties?

    Zeigler was in fact cheaper for me, 9 months ago or so anyway. Also very easy to work with.
  4. Powerboost- Same round trip- Same driving habits - Wide variation in MPG. Why?

    Regarding winds, here is ChatGPT doing math for me so I don't have to... Standard day, sea level, traveling at 80 mph under three conditions - 15 mph headwind, no wind, 15 mph tailwind. Used a coefficient of drag of 0.45 and a frontal reference area of 51,547 square millimeters, both of which...
  5. DIY Bedliner

    I used Durabak roll-on bed liner. It worked great. I would definitely do it again. $153 after tax and shipping.
  6. Just Joined the No Start Victim's Club

    Exactly, although I usually start it remotely with the fob (app would work also). It has the same effect. Just makes it quicker once I get in the truck, and I’m likely to forget to do a two step start once I get in the cab. Just use this method and monitor the forums to see when people...
  7. Installed aftermarket digital rearview mirror (Gentex)

    A friend of mine told me he has an issue with his GM rearview camera b/c his eyes have to focus mid-near to see the camera, but his progressive lenses don't really allow that. He has to either look over his glasses by tilting his head down, or tilt his head way up to get the right spot in his...
  8. HELP: "Stop Safely Now" message?

    I think pressing ok to clear out the normal alerts is just a way to make sure you wait long enough to let the software settle out before starting it fully. Not actually required.
  9. HELP: "Stop Safely Now" message?

    I don’t disagree but I don’t do all that (I don’t have the tools). I almost always remote start with the fob or app. If not just press start without your foot on the brake, wait a few seconds then fully start it. Pretty simple. Nonetheless, not something we should have to do.
  10. HELP: "Stop Safely Now" message?

    Step 1: Keep foot of the brake pedal and press start button. Let it settle out (pressing ok to clear normal alerts when it is started up into accessory mode only) Step 2: press on brake and press start button. Also anytime you remote start via fob or app, it is two step because the truck goes...
  11. Powerboost wouldn’t start today

    Yeah I doubt the 12V battery had anything to do with it.
  12. Powerboost wouldn’t start today

    Hence likely avoiding the issue altogether by starting remotely via fob or the app, or using the two step method, right? I'm 1.5 months in without incident using exclusively those methods.
  13. Afraid To Buy Today’s Ford (Powerboost) Am I Nuts?

    The jumper cables and jump pack likely won't help the SSN that will supposedly be fixed at the end of the year. Like the service bulletin or whatever it is says, time will. Also possibly disconnecting the 12V batteries briefly. I haven't tried the disconnecting the battery thing yet, but I...
  14. Adaptive cruise control almost caused an accident

    Just hit stopped traffic briefly on the same bridge interstate today. Normally it says "stopped" and then "press X to resume" once the car in front of me moves. But on the interstate today when I came to a complete stop it instead only said "auto resume." I sat there for about 30 seconds and...
  15. My first SSN Stop Safely Now tonight

    I haven’t had any issues since I’ve started doing this. 🤞
  16. My first SSN Stop Safely Now tonight

    I've started only starting the truck remotely via the fob, app, or if I forget by keeping my foot off the brake and pressing the start button to put it in accessory mode. Then after I clear out all the alerts, I step on the brake and press start to fully start the truck. It's a suggestion made...
  17. 4.3.4 power update

    I’m at 4.2.3 (Public wi-fi update). What am I missing (or not)? Have it set to update nightly at 1 am but nada since early June.
  18. Advice Request: PB at airport parking for multiple days

    HVAC blower set at 5+ on the drive to the airport.
  19. 2023 Powerboost “stop safely now” no start

    You might have codes showing something is wrong that they can fix. But my guess is you have whatever issue a lot of us have, and they won't be able to do anything and, like many of us you'll be waiting on that update supposedly in quarter four of this year. In the meantime always start via the...