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  1. Converting front end from 2024 XL/STX/XLT to Lariat

    Been curious to see what type of conversion would be possible on the new front ends. For those interested, it looks like you can upgrade the lower trims to the Lariat front end without having to change the hood. The hood appears to be the same on the Lariat. The trims above Lariat look to have a...
  2. 2024 XL RCSB Paint Matched (Bumpers, Door Handles and Tailgate) - Photos

    Got the truck back yesterday after having the bumpers, door handles and tailgate handle paint matched. Figured I’d share some pics on here for the fellow RCSB owners. More stuff planned in the coming weeks but wanted these items done first to see what I thought.
  3. New 2024 Ford Truck Month Commercial (no incentives shown)

    No real info in this post but figured I’d share I’m in the north Texas area and just saw a Ford Truck Month commercial on a local channel. No incentives of any kind were shown. It showed the Ranger, F250 and 2024 F150 driving around in various areas. (With Jerry Jones driving if anyone cares...
  4. 2024 Order Process Moving Quick (UPDATED)

    2024 F150 XL Carbonized Gray Reg Cab Short Bed 4X4 5.0 103A Black Platform Running Boards Order Placed 1/17/24 Scheduled 1/18/24 Production Week Originally 2/19/24 then moved up to 2/12/24 “In Production” 2/2/24