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  1. Easy Entry Position

    If it is, Its never done it before.
  2. Easy Entry Position

    All that works fine. Goes to each saved position with no problems. Normally, When I turn off the truck, the wheel moves back a few inches and the seat moves back a few inches. Now, After fiddling with the wheel position when the truck was off, The wheel moves back ALL THE WAY. I'm a tall guy...
  3. Easy Entry Position

    Thanks, I tried turning it off and back on again. Still goes to this new position.
  4. Easy Entry Position

    I was playing around with my steering wheel position the other day and somehow changed my easy entry storage position. Does anyone know how to reset it? I've been playing with it trying to get it to change and haven't lucked out yet.
  5. Topped off 3 clicks and gas spilled out everywhere

    I remember reading somewhere, I know, That helps, That on the '21 and up Ford says to stop at the first click or fuel spillage would happen.
  6. Bak X4s and Truxedo sentey in cold weather

    If it has sliding parts, It will give you trouble when it freezes. I just replaced my Retrax Pro with a DiamondBack for this reason.
  7. PowerBoost MPG - WTH??

    I got to work the other day following this guy that only did 53 the whole way to work. I was shocked to see that I had gotten my best mileage ever. By like 3 MPG. So I did the speed limit on the way home and was closer to 4 MPG better. I needed gas this same night so I set my Cruise tolerance to...
  8. PowerBoost MPG - WTH??

    I've driven to work with my dumbo mirrors out normally, And totally folded in and have noticed no real difference in fuel milage.
  9. PowerBoost MPG - WTH??

    City driving it where it shines, as long as you move enough. It loves 45 and below, but if you have to stop every block, MPG is going to be single digits. I find its just very picky on what it takes to get good mileage. I have seen low to mid 20's on certain drives. However on my daily drives...
  10. Disappointed in B&O Unleashed

    Xm is probably THE worst thing to listen to on either unleashed system. So much compression for satellite transmission... no good. Carplay depends on what you listen to. I stream with the high fidelity packages and it sounds great. My wife has all of her music ripped off of cds. Most from over...
  11. Noise when engine under load

    Still haven't been able to get the trans to temp, So there that.... Was playing around yesterday testing conditions. I can make the noise very briefly in 9th. Then it kinda dawned on me, What if it was the tires? The noise has always been small in frequency. 10th gear ratio is .636. So at 1500...
  12. Factory battery ongoing issues

    For storage, like airports, or not going to be driving for weeks, Probably not a bad idea. Obviously not going to get any updates, and you'll have to use the emergency key to get it, But no reason the truck shouldn't start when reconnected. As far as a Powerboost goes, You would also have to...
  13. Noise when engine under load

    Lol! Maybe for you! Problem is still there, Id just be avoiding it! Like the BMS, it would drive me crazy! 100% though on the dealer. To be fair, my dealer comes very highly recommended, But i've never used them short of ordering the truck. But unless they are the best dealer I've ever seen, I...
  14. Noise when engine under load

    I guess im confused here. If the vibration only occurs under high load low rpm conditions, How is driving in a mode that doesn't reproduce those conditions supposed to help me track down the vibration? Am I missing something?
  15. Noise when engine under load

    I did try that, Doesn't go in 10th gear.
  16. Noise when engine under load

    So like others, I've had a strange vibration on my F150. Its always sounded like a bad wheel bearing on the front drivers side. Does it in 2x4 and 4x4. and mainly going up hill. I was playing with the gear lockouts the other day and noticed that while I had dropped a gear, i didn't get my...
  17. FORScan OBD Data

    I looked there. Couldn't find any misfire data though.............
  18. FORScan OBD Data

    Hey guys Can I access OBD data via FORScan? I'm struggling to find it. Thanks
  19. Factory battery ongoing issues

    last spring i did a 14h overnight datalog with an inline multimeter. (Somewhere in the BMS thread) I just threw that data in a spreadsheet and it gave me an average of .1153A. I drive a 502A
  20. Engine bay and hood underside are white on a silver painted truck?

    I was always under the impression that the Iconic silver was a metallic based paint. As such is done in 2 parts. The Base coat (White) which is done everywhere. Then the metallic silver, Which only get applied to appearance areas. My dad had a Metallic Silver 86' Vette that was the same way. My...