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  1. LineX in Minnesota

    I was wondering if anyone had experience getting the TruGard rust prevention done through a LineX location in Minnesota? I'm near Rochester and that location doesn't offer the TruGard.
  2. Floor mats on vinyl floor.

    I've been doing some reading about adding floor mats over the factory vinyl floor and I can't find everything I'm looking for. I am going to buy the OEM mats but want to know if anyone has installed the factory retainers. The red floor covering in the image below is the vinyl floor option. It...
  3. Anyone get a RTT (Roof Top Tent) through Ford?

    Hi, Did anyone order the Yakima or Tepui RTT from Ford with their new truck? I am planning on buying the Yakima OverHaul HD rack and side support bars anyway but wondering if it would be worth it to add the RTT as well. If you've got one, do you like it?
  4. Will this cover/rack combo work?

    Good morning, As I wait for my truck to be built I am looking into bed covers and cargo racks. I want the Yakima OverHaul HD and a soft tonneau cover. I really like the TruXedo Pro X15. My question is, will the items listed below all work together properly? Yakima OverHaul HD TruXedo Pro X15...