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  1. California Proposal To Limit Speeds To 10 Over Speed Limits!

    I've often wondered how much of a hit your economy would take if all the China imports didn't come through your ports.
  2. Antimatter blue vinyl wrap

    Just curious why not go with the clear PPF? That's what I did, full wrap with XPEL PPF and it looks great 3 years later. I drive in a lot of brush and so forth hunting. Minor scratches heal after exposure to heat from the sunlight. The AMB color looks the same as without the wrap. I paid $5500...
  3. What happens when an OTA is sent to your vehicle? (step-by-step breakdown of the OTA process)

    One thing I will add, I have one of the 2021 Job #1 trucks that got behind on OTA's due to the APIM issues. Since getting it fixed, the OTA's always come in groups of 3 or 4 over a couple weeks, then nothing for 2 -5 months. It's still behind but hopefully it will catch up soon.
  4. Can’t shift from park using pro power

    I have the same issue. Originally I could use my ProPower while driving. The issue started after getting OTA 2.7.1 or 2.7.3. Talking to another forum member he had the same thing happen after getting those updates and one of the next couple updates fixed it. Unfortunately my truck is one of the...
  5. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Thanks Rugedraw. I was one that missed the rear camera update so I've yet to have the camera in motion. Prior to the update a couple days ago, the last update I got was 4.2.1 on 5 July.
  6. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Could someone please check vin 1FTFW1ED5MFC06184. Between breaking my ankle, surgery on my ankle and turning my truck in for hail damage repair it hasn't been getting driven much since 23 September. I know the battery is down a bit and would like to know if anything is queued up. Thanks.
  7. How To Ruin A Truck

    My KR, 157" has an even 1500# payload.
  8. Priority Update 23-PU0724-DOM-RS

    I wish they would get back to updating the 21's, mines still at 4.2.1.
  9. Power-Up and Priority OTA History Thread (F-150, Lightning, Mach-E)

    That is the update I'm waiting on. Ever since OTA 2.7.3 and skipping the next 3 or 4 OTA's I can't shift out of Park if I have anything plugged in. It makes my 7.2 Pro Power useless if I want to drive the truck while using it.
  10. Power-Up and Priority OTA History Thread (F-150, Lightning, Mach-E)

    I feel the same way. The last update my 21 Job 1 truck got was 4.2.1 on 5 July. I think with a little effort Ford could catch up the older trucks and get everyone on an even footing. It would also make it easier on them of only having one update to send to everyone as they come out.
  11. 265 vs. 275

    The difference in height is only .6 of an inch according to this website, https://tiresize.com/comparison/ Probably not even enough to notice.
  12. First of Many electric vehcile woe stories?

    I remember that very discussion at my Vo-Tech H.S diesel mech course back in 1974 or 75. End result was consensus that the inefficiency in conversion and transmission of electricity would be the EV's downfall.
  13. First of Many electric vehcile woe stories?

    I guess I'm the unicorn. 2 vehicles, both of us retired. I have an F-150 PB used mostly for hunting, towing and trips, averaging about 8000 miles a year. My wife has a 2013 Subaru Impreza with a massive 14K miles on it in 10 years used for around town. We can run her car till the day we are both...
  14. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Thanks @rugedraw. Hopefully someone can check what modules have updates pending. VIN 1FTFW1ED5MFC06184
  15. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Could I get a check on what modules need updated on VIN 1FTFW1ED5MFC06184 Are any OTA's queued up? My truck is one that got behind due to the grayed out OTA button. It caught up June to Oct to 2.7.3 then skipped 2.7.4 through 3.5.1. I got 3.5.2 to 4.2.1 from 6/13/23 to 7/5/23.
  16. Key fob battery or something else

    I get this every time if I have my fob and phone in the same pocket. Common problem that is often overlooked.
  17. Twin Turbo Pickup Wars: EcoBoost vs. I-Force

    Great LOL. I never got that good. Best I remember is 20+ mile trip from Woodland Park down to my house in Colorado Springs I got 52 MPG.
  18. F-150 Lightning Gets Nearly $10K Price Cut

    Colorado charges EV's $100($50 for PHEV's) per year on registration to make it up. Here is the problem. Our gas tax is .40. So the $100 only covers 250 gallons of gas. Last I heard the avg. person drives 15,000 per year. If driving the average, my ICE would have to get 60 MPG for us to have...
  19. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Steve, when did you get 3.5.4? I got it on 6/27. I didn't get the next one, 4.2.1 till 7/5, still waiting on 4.2.2.