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  1. Dealer tech ripped trans diaper

    Bingo. What he said
  2. Scratched window

    door panel is a piece of cake to remove but bottom line its brand new and its scratched...let dealer make it right
  3. Drop hitch for 5x8 uhaul trailer

    What is tremor hitch height I. Bet a standard 4 would work As it's really only 2.5 depending on bsll height That being said. I have 2. 4 , 8 drop or raise. The 4 has most wear .
  4. Potential new ride for my lady

    you know a few strips of black reflective tape and i could scare a speeder
  5. Potential new ride for my lady

    Afyer much mind melding, and love I got her the st. Explorer today We have been married since 84...1st NEW car she has ever had... Yup we have had many vehicles. But she always put me first. So today she is first whether she wanted to be or not I really love her Now to find forscsn codes to...
  6. Vehicles thefts Key vs PTS

    They also use a brute force attack on cars electronics And somehow get tye info Only thing to slow them down. Is physical mechanical interrupt. Tow truck they can still get it.. Horrible it is
  7. Easy Entry Position

    I think it'd supposed to go full collapse when you shut down
  8. Easy Entry Position

    It's been awhile
  9. Topped off 3 clicks and gas spilled out everywhere

    Me to I use the cents as a check For real quick look Especially traveling

    I have found in the humid summer About 3 miles from home I turn off the recirc do it draws fresh air in To aid drying off coil But that is only on those really humid days Rest of time ac stays on recirc It opens when truck is shut off to let fresh air in as well I would agree with checking...
  11. Topped off 3 clicks and gas spilled out everywhere

    i use the odd numbers as lotto picks....so far its 0- wins :love:
  12. Picking up another RCSB to do my next build

    5 .0 with 3 73 gears pretty well optioned i see a street zoom zoom will be watching
  13. Topped off 3 clicks and gas spilled out everywhere

    It clicks...it fits I had fuel gurgle back out once. Just as you described On the expedition so now it's click its done
  14. Anti-Sway bars questions

    I missed it...is yours 2wd or 4wd The 4wd adjustable links are to long And take some ...to get bar level I use the center hole for best ride for me And both links have to be same length Of one is different then you have to try to twist tye bar which makes assembly real hard
  15. My F-150 ownership was short lived

    Yes great color and tremor super duty are pretty well set up For me, if a lucid red/rapid red king ranch superduty stopped me at a dealer. It would be hard not to bring it home
  16. 20 inch 6 lug ford wheels and Toyo tires 615-476-3708

    Which is it.wire wheels or the other. Where??
  17. Using USB thumbdrive for playlists without playing in alphabetical order

    When I move music from computer to the USB. I move them as albums under each artist/s Then I c a n tell sync play Fleetwood Mac It will play all or I say Fleetwood Mac. Rumors It plays just that album Or sync play all. Then it does it alphabetical order Been doing it that way since my 2016...
  18. Powerboost Raptor R

    Is For fun I called my dealer Free shipping to them via ford parts 2 day delivery
  19. Extended Warranty Options

    There are other ways. Use an address of a friend in another state