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  1. I'm DONE with OTA updates !

    My truck has opted me out of automatic updates all on its own about a month into ownership 😂 Even though I have them turned on it’s been crickets from Ford, but don’t feel I have really missed anything either. Except that 75th anniversary screen would have been cool 😏
  2. 70k miles of smiles

    Glad I’m not the only one that will miss it, and it really does seem like all of the engines they currently offer are really stout. For those that are curious about performance while loaded 0-60 is around 10 seconds while hauling 1500 lbs of payload in the bed (3.73 gears). A 6% mountain pass...
  3. 70k miles of smiles

    I feel like the 3.3 section needs a little lovin. So I’m here to report that I’ve currently done a little over 70k miles in 15 months of ownership and this little sweetheart hasn’t skipped a beat. I bought this truck as my work truck (self employed) and it gets driven hard for 10+ hours per day...
  4. Vibration lower 75

    Sounds like an out of balance tire, but I would think that would be one of the first things the dealer checked
  5. Boats, boat ramps, 4WD, open differentials

    I have the exact same spec (3.3 V6, 4WD w/3.73 open diff) and I’ve never had a problem at the boat launch. Although my boat is too big to tow (40ft) so I only launch/retrieve my jet ski’s at the boat launch. It probably depends on how heavy the boat is. I do regularly haul 5k-7k on my equipment...
  6. California Proposal To Limit Speeds To 10 Over Speed Limits!

    Seems unsafe to me. If you’re already going 5mph over, but then have to accelerate to avoid a collision, you can only accelerate another 5mph 🙄
  7. Anyone disassemble a grinding EIWE?

    Oh gotcha that makes perfect sense with the cold grease binding things up.
  8. Weakest point of towing

    I wholeheartedly agree with this! If the load seems dangerous, a responsible driver would rent/borrow/buy a bigger truck, and be sensible about its weight distribution and load securement. It’s definitely the loose nut behind the wheel that’s the problem 😂
  9. Anyone disassemble a grinding EIWE?

    Are the EIWE’s problematic? I’ve not heard heard much about them. Knock wood mine have been fine, but it seems like it would be more reliable than the previous vacuum system.

    Our local PD’s entire fleet is primarily F150’s and Expeditions with a handful of Explorers for patrolling in town. A lot of our roads are dirt roads, so they tend to favor the beefier trucks
  11. Buying a Canadian truck...what should I know?

    Check the cup holders for maple syrup residue 😜 Sorry I couldn’t resist
  12. The Tried & True Workhorse ? - 3.3 V6

    Oh nice, that’s a big cost difference per gallon, definitely seems worth the hit in mileage.
  13. The Tried & True Workhorse ? - 3.3 V6

    I’ve never tried E-85 in mine, how’s the mileage difference? It’s not really available locally to me
  14. Engine hours reset itself

    I know right! I guess I have a heavy foot to cover those 58k miles in only 58 hours, with 10 of those hours being idle hours 😂 As long as the gauges work I’m not going to lose any sleep over it
  15. Engine hours reset itself

    So last month I noticed that the engine hour meter had randomly reset back to zero hours, but my odometer reading (thankfully) stayed the same. I had about 2800 engine hours the previous time I checked, now it’s reading less than 100hrs. It’s obviously not something that makes any difference to...
  16. Printed Owners Manual

    Wait… I knew there was the owners manual in the infotainment screen, but my truck also came with the printed owners manual and all of the supplemental manuals as well. (warranty info, tires, Sirius registration etc) Who is deciding which new F150’s get a printed manual and which ones don’t? My...
  17. Engine cranks but won’t turnover.

    Agree with adding 5g of fuel if the level was below 1/4. Fuel tanks usually have the sender at the rear so you don’t run out of fuel driving up a hill.
  18. New Tires KO2’s

    I’m hoping for 10 years and 4-500k miles of work duty from it, then I’ll let it have a nice retirement as my farm truck 😂
  19. New Tires KO2’s

    Mine do not, they have black letters on both sides. I think they make a few different versions of them, the ones I have are the KO2 T/A Baja Champion
  20. What’s this warning lamp?

    I think that’s for the pre-collision assist, letting you know that the camera is dirty or obscured and the truck can’t auto-brake in an emergency.