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  1. Oracle Modular Taillights

    I'm hoping Diode Dynamics gets board and makes some, but as of right now, the Recon taillights are in the lead to replace my taillights someday.
  2. 2021 V8 Oil Capacity

    7.75 has gotten me dead center on the stick the last two times. Fumoto valve and a nice creeper with a huge pan have made it a really quick and easy endeavor. Only struggle is sometimes the last a-hole to do it overtightened the oil filter…
  3. 2024 OEM F-150 LED Tail Lights retrofit install on a 21-23

    Mustangs don’t count, Mustang line got saves by the generation and they have just been fucking about with it again and slapping its name on everything, e.g. Mach E, which ironically enough, does have a smoke lens taillight.
  4. 2024 OEM F-150 LED Tail Lights retrofit install on a 21-23

    Someday Ford will offer taillights without red dye in the lens or a chrome reflector behind a clear lens, I’m not sure it will be this decade, but someday.
  5. Oracle Modular Taillights

    Kicked the idea around, but I’m hoping we get some more options, really like the Morimoto’s, but the BLIS imprint they leave on them is ridiculous, hoping they do a refresh and eliminate that.
  6. What did you do TO your F-150 today? 🙋🏻‍♂️

    After quite the fiasco acquiring some Pennzoil Ultra Platinum, got the oil changed just before 20k, really enjoying this truck.
  7. Toby Keith A great Amercian, Country music singer and Ford truck Loyalist, Gone at age 62

    Guess I know what I’ll be blasting through the B&O system for the next few days. Didn’t know he had stomach cancer. We lose Jimmy in September and now Toby. Why we keep losing the good ones and keeping the turds?
  8. Ford ESP Extended Service Plan offered @ dealer cost (by Granger Ford - February only special)!

    Awesome stuff, got mine from Granger pretty painlessly last year, thinking about adding to it with this offer.
  9. Meet the new FordPass® Rewards with "Tier Activities"

    I knew this thread would have popcorn material, thanks for delivering folks. Don’t disagree with the takes regarding rewards systems/discounts/coupons etc, but coupons/rewards systems have been around for a very very long time. Younger generations don’t know a life without them, so while I too...
  10. Ohio 2022 Black Sport/FX4 Running Boards

    Amp Xtreme powersteps
  11. Ohio 2022 Black Sport/FX4 Running Boards

    These are sold
  12. Why your insurance rates are high

    Definitely one you say to your traveling companion(s) if you had any. You: “Want to follow em to the scene?” Companion(s): “What scene?” You: “Scene of the crash”
  13. Why your insurance rates are high

    Trailer Tail Lamp probably broke off because it bottomed out on something already…
  14. I did a thing. Air designs tailgate appliqué

    I see how that could help. “Box is damaged on this one, better mark it down 50%, take off my 20% employee discount, wonder if Greg over in bodywork will accidentally mix up some extra agate black if I buy his lunch.” J/K, I have no idea how it works, don’t envy being in a position where I can...
  15. I did a thing. Air designs tailgate appliqué

    Really like the way it turned out. I just can’t get over what they charge for it.
  16. List any aftermarket hub centric wheels with correct 87.10 mm center bore for our trucks ? No centering rings required ???

    Yes they are Vossen HRE Roush (who I think uses vossen to manufacture) Shelby Ford Performance Niche Asanti 4Play I’m sure there are more.
  17. 5.0 vs 3.5 - more reliable when driven hard?

    There were some changes made to the 5.0 that I believe enable more longevity. However, the correct answer is whichever one is maintained better. We’re not talking just oil changes here. We’re talking fresh air filters, timely coolant replacements, and good diags when things do go awry. I had...
  18. Ford and UAW Reach Agreement

    I think it's important when comparing the two to consider when they were founded and what there purposes were. You're already conceding they are totally different vehicles with totally different use cases, but your comparing there manufacturers like they should be the saem. They were founded a...
  19. What did you do TO your F-150 today? 🙋🏻‍♂️

    Thank you! Really like the buildout you've done on your bed, I can't wait to get mine done, I've got the boxlinks with cleats, factory LEDs, and swingcase all ready to go in, but I want to put in the herculiner first and that'll be a minimum 2 day affair.
  20. What did you do TO your F-150 today? 🙋🏻‍♂️

    My detailer/friend was able to get me in for the first detail from him and glassparency/ceramic install, felt like I was driving the truck without the 15k miles on it.