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  1. How to Edit Profile

    Some of y’all’s accounts have cool images under your messages and a little bio also. How do I go in and change that? Thanks
  2. Share your detailing / garage setup!

    Most of use take pride in our trucks! Show off where it lives and how you clean it up! I know some of yall have awesome garages! I just have a simple wall mount pressure washer and an assortment or detailing supplies! And a griots polisher set! My rig lives happily tucked in the barn!
  3. What is this Service Warning?

    Just got this service warning during my drive up for spring break. Should I be worried?
  4. Hub Centric Rings

    I’m currently running venomrex wheels with Toyo AT3’s and have been battling vibration in the front. From day one they haven’t been the greatest but they only had very minor vibrations every once and a while. I then installed rough country .25” wheels spacers on just the front the square up the...
  5. Texas Diode dynamics off road lights

    Looking for any dd pods or light bars you may have for sale. Trying to finish designs on a couple different mounts for these trucks. Thanks Specifically looking for Selective yellow pro or max. Or a stage series light bar
  6. Auxbeam Switch Panel

    Has anyone done it? Really looking into this!
  7. Where are ignition fuses (STX)

    Trying to find ignition power sources to fuse tap so that I can power an aux beam switch panel. Thanks
  8. Would you be interested in this Light Bracket?

    Gauging Interest I have designed a bracket that mounts 3 DD pods in this opening. The pods don’t necessarily need to be DD, figuring this out now. This works on 5.0 and ecoboost platforms. You have to switch to the ecoboost lower grille if a 5.0 and some trimming is necessary if a ecoboost...
  9. Beware of User @Mainman

    Beware of user @Mainman, I purchased a set of XLT fender badges from him, set $90 through zelle and haven’t received any communication since Dec 17. So not happy about that😤. Just a heads up to all.
  10. Led Taillights

    Show us your custom or swapped tails. Tinted, led swap, oem swap, I want to see them.
  11. Texas Side Badges

    Looking to purchase the f150 side badge/tear drop. Any trim level plastic or not. Looking for someone who took of theirs for something, or a place to buy them at a reasonable price. Would love a set of the platinum smoked chrome ones but I know that’s pushing it.
  12. Off Topic (but am very interested in what y’all have to say)

    What is your degree if you have one, what do you do, are you happy where you are professionally. And if you have a particular degree would you recommend it or something else. I’m currently at Texas A&M University and am very fortunate to be in the position I am, but trying to figure out what...
  13. BMS Module (Possible failure)

    What happened- I have the factory H6 agm battery in my truck I was getting a low power fault on my cluster. I proceeded to charge the battery with a battery charger. It was not an agm specific charger so I only charged it for a short period of time. I then had the battery tested a AutoZone it...
  14. Oracle Modular Taillights

    I think I found the tails going on my truck! https://www.oraclelights.com/blogs/news/f150-flush
  15. Texas RekGen Mudflaps $25

    I have a set of RekGen mudflaps for sale they came off my truck with about ~7000 mi on them. Pretty good flap just upgraded to a larger one. https://rekgen.com/collections/truck-mud-flaps/products/chevrolet-silverado-trophy-sport-mud-flaps?variant=39507312574522 Ready to ship! $25 plus shipping.
  16. 5.0 Badges

    https://www.isfpcustomemblems.com/product-page/5-liter-badges Anybody tried these out? I feel like these on the door where the powerboost/powerstroke badges go would be slick!
  17. Anybody running SDHQ Off-road ditch light brackets

    I’m looking into ditch lighting options and am wanting to run SDHQ brackets because they look like the strongest/sturdiest. Also in my opinion the cleanest, they hid the hardware behind the bracket. (Nvm that was last gen brackets) Would last gen fit? Thanks I’m looking to run diode dynamics...
  18. Post Your Tint Setup!

    Lots of people tint either for privacy, looks, or the heat rejection that newer films offer. Please post specs and pics of your setup so that others can see what it looks like on f150s! Please don’t derail this thread with the legality of darker films, people will do as they please.
  19. What does this mean?

    This marking is on the front windshield. Does this mean that it is dyed to 70%? Thanks
  20. What tint are y’all getting away with?

    Some me the Texas tint setups! With specs included! I’m looking at possibility doing 50% windshield with 15% on fronts but am undecided. My only concern is unwanted attention from the po-po. Thanks