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  1. Rear lowering shackles - prior gen fit 2021?

    Looks amazing! Just ordered the kit, great to have confirmation and photos of the kit/truck showing it works on Gen14! Will be installing on my 2WD SuperCab and will post photos afterwards.
  2. My first recall "retractor seat belt webbing incorrectly routed"

    Got the FordPass notification, and just checked my truck. All good here thankfully. But yeah after reading the article and examining the lower attach point of the front seat belts it's pretty obvious what they are talking about - the thought of the belt being held only by the rubber boot around...
  3. 5.0L Exhausts

    See my earlier post - I did the same mod without the resonator delete, and it still droned like crazy and was unbearable on the freeway with even light throttle (not towing etc). I am back to 100% OEM and much happier now...
  4. Rear lowering shackles - prior gen fit 2021?

    Still waiting for them as well, haven't found anything yet.
  5. 18s vs 20s for Max Tow

    This isn't true. I have an XLT Sport 5.0L Supercab 302a with Max Tow and 18's.
  6. Happy with 5.0?

    Woah, what! First I hear of this. What other options are available in this mode?
  7. Hill start assist error warning message

    Just got it (along with 2-3 other messages!) after starting the truck parked on a sideways incline (truck leaning right to left). Went away after I pressed "OK" and haven't gotten an error since.
  8. Rear lowering shackles - prior gen fit 2021?

    Super cool! This kit does include different shackles, so maybe a shackle-only swap with the 15-20 kits (for a 1-2" drop) would work too... Seems promising. Nice RCSB btw, love it!
  9. Trouble filling up gas tank to full

    Something is wrong. It should read full when you can't add any more fuel. I also have the 36 gal tank and mine does not do this, definitely takes more than 28 when almost empty, and it then reads full. Recommend a service visit...

    That's the only one I've found, but I'm looking for a "standalone" tailgate pad. Thanks though.

    Anyone make a tailgate mat yet? I didn't get the work surface on my truck so it just has a painted tailgate. Would like some protection on there.
  12. 5.0L Exhausts

    This thread is timely - I ordered the Magnaflow Direct Fit kit last week and can share my experience with it. First off, it sounds great - deep tone, no raspiness at all. I was digging it until I took it on the freeway - it is shockingly loud at cruise. I want an exhaust that is quiet in cruise...
  13. Cancel my order?

    There is always something new around the corner. Wait for the Tundra to be announced, then for all the specs and info to be out, order at a dealer and deal with their shenanigans again, play the waiting game for your truck to finally arrive..., and by the time you're expecting it, something else...
  14. Happy with 5.0?

    Have the 5.0L with 3.73 locking rear on mine (2WD). It's great! Only have about 300 miles on it so far, but if there's cylinder deactivation, I can't tell. FWIW I used to have a C7 'Vette with cyl deactivation and you could definitely feel it when it kicked in, car would make a "thunk" sound...
  15. Rear lowering shackles - prior gen fit 2021?

    Afraid I haven't had the time either :( The pandemic isn't exactly making me want to spend time in a shop to have them do it, either...
  16. Rear lowering shackles - prior gen fit 2021?

    Mine doens't even have blocks I can remove, presumably because of the beefier max tow spring :cry:. Longer shackles is my only option. Half tempted to buy the 2015-2020 ford performance ones (they aren't expensive) and just see if they fit.
  17. Rear lowering shackles - prior gen fit 2021?

    Hi! Anyone know if the rear lowering shackles from the previous gen (2015-2020) fit the 2021s? Thanks!
  18. Standard vs B&O Audio (Non-unleashed)

    Greetings! I finally received my truck, an XLT Sport Supercab w/ B&O Standard (not unleashed). I am VERY happy with its sound system, it's a no-brainer upgrade for the ~$600 it costs IMO. I drove a bunch yesterday listening to all sorts of songs, here are my thoughts: Bass is good, not...
  19. Katzkin seat covers (Black & Red) in my 2021 F-150 XLT

    "Our interiors completely replace all cloth content in your vehicle" https://katzkin.com/katzkin-vs-seat-covers/
  20. 🧭 Track Your F-150 Order by VIN Number

    My truck shipped on 1/16. "Transit Date" updated a few times after that, but is now stuck at 17. Is it expected to not change daily? ETA remains 2/9.