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  1. 400w in cabin outlets

    Have nearly 50k on my truck and this has been an issue for as long as I can remember. Never took it in as it's always such a hassle, but now may be the time, unless I can figure out something obvious here for a solution. Interior outlets, intermittent power issues. Sometimes they work, others...
  2. Experience with GM 2.7 4 cyl?

    Looking to add another vehicle to my business. 2024 F150 STX Black Package, 2.7 2024 GMC Sierra Custom 2.7 I really like the style of the new Sierra and in black, looks sharp. Pricing wise, the Sierra I get a better monthly payment on a 36 or 48 month lease with same mileage as the F150...
  3. Undisclosed New OEM 2021-2023 Blind Spot Detection Sensors

    Brand new pair of sensors. Bought new OEM tail lights and these came equipped. Never installed, have never seen daylight. I'm in Canada but can ship. $430.00 USD shipped and insured within lower 48.
  4. PCM part # location

    Where can I find this? First time user of Forscan and when trying to connect to the truck, it gives me the prompt to manually put in factory pcm #.
  5. Those who have done OEM Projector and Tail upgrades

    XLT truck here with on board scales. Have my Ryan Broderick harnesses for HCM, projector heads and LED tails. Just ordered an ELM327 and will soon download Forscan on my laptop. I have ZERO experience with Forscan and looking at the codes online makes my brain hurt. Am I mechanically gifted...
  6. Precision Retrofits, any experience with this vendor?

    Reviews online are hit and miss. Some good, others not so good. Looking to swap my original bi-led reflector headlamps to the projectors custom painted along with halogen tails to painted led tails. Price tag is steep but if the quality is there, I don't mind such an investment. Thanks
  7. Show me 22" wheels

    In search of a 22" rim for new winter set up. Ideally pics of wheels with similar to stock offset, my truck is a street truck so offroad stuff/wheels aren't my thing.
  8. Factory Navigation Setting while driving route search

    On our '22 Expedition, you can type/search destination while driving. There is a prompt to something along the lines of "confirm you're the passenger " to get through the type block. I don't see that on the F150, is there a way?
  9. Roush Supercharger 5.0

    I keep flipping on whether or not to S/C my '22 5.0. I am very familiar with SC applications as I've built a previous '01 Lightning I once had (pre-kids). Pulleyed, tuned, different SC eventually going turbo. Also had an '03 HD where I kept stock SC/pulley. I drive A LOT, average ~30k miles...
  10. Oil consumption on the 21+

    Anyone noticed excessive oil consumption? Had my oil changed out the other day and it seemed as though a noticeable amount was gone. Dipstick read approximately half. Hopefully not tripping myself out from past stories of the 18-20s. Have a Livernois Tuner waiting to be used but holding off...
  11. Canada RARE 23" F150 SALEEN WHEELS

    Real Saleen F150 wheels. Original center caps. The true set with +44 fronts and +30 rears to give the sport look as the rears are 1/2" more poke than the fronts. 23x10 Fit F150 and Expedition 6x135 Tires have lots of tread, about 10/32nds and new they are I believe 10.5/32nds. They are still...
  12. Bronze wheels suggestions?

    In search of 22s Street style, not offroad. Forged would be fine, budget not necessarily the main deciding factor. Anything that's out there in our bolt pattern besides Ferrada, Vossen, Velgen? Hoping to not have a 10" width, prefer a 9.5". Find with the +30 offset the 10" have too much poke...
  13. Fog lights when cornering / turning

    Happened to notice when I turn left or right, that particular fog light will illuminate. Fog lights set in the off position. I never noticed this before nor read it being a feature......so is it? At first when I saw my wife pulling out in the truck, I thought there was a short since I am...
  14. Ford Performance Supercharger

    So, has anyone done their 21/22? Anyone had it done in Ontario, Canada? Thinking about doing it. Not a stranger to boosted F150s so I know the joy! My only hesitation is that I put a ton of miles on my truck every year. Other option would be to go 5star with their preprogrammed tune for a touch...
  15. AC interior outlet not working

    Anyone experienced this? Lately, hit or miss whether the outlet on front dash is illuminated and working. Seems to be more often out and no power.
  16. 5.0 with Corsa Sport Catback Exhaust installed - sound clip videos

    Love this set up. Sounds great, strong, NOT obnoxious. No drone. Under light throttle, its mild enough to drive daily and carry phone conversations with ease.
  17. Part number for mirror / skull caps

    Does anyone have the part number for a 2022 L+R mirror/skull cap replacement? No 360 camera. Looking to purchase caps and have them painted.
  18. Canada 2003 100th Anniversary F150 Harley Davidson Supercharged

    Not many of these around as clean as this one. 40,000 original miles. 5.4 V8 Supercharged 1 of only 10,000 built and half in this black colour combo. This truck has NEVER been abused, pullied, tuned. Interior is flawless. Exterior paint excellent 9.5/10. Everything works as it should; power...
  19. 2022 Black Pack 5.0 Build

    Have information scattered over a few threads so I will put it together here. Lowered approximately 3/5 with a mixed kit Window tint Gloss black mirror caps PPF front metal bumper Shorty antenna 22" FRPP wheels for winter 24" Niche wheels 22" Forgestar F14 Satin Bronze Bed extender Ford Bedrug...
  20. 2/4 Lowering 2022

    Ordered and installed the Belltech coilovers and the Belltech 2" shackle. Belltech shackles are only 2" with the blocks removed, not low enough and the truck looks terrible. Have the Maxtrac 6" flip arriving end of week. My truck is a daily and in Canada, seeing all seasons w/4WD. Wanting a...