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  1. Undisclosed WTB: Euro/china Raptor Headlamps

    If you have a set and are looking to change things up I'm interested in them. Have standard white DRL OEM projector lamps if replacement needed. This is the light style I'm just to be sure, it has white DRLs, not orange
  2. Ford Pass v5 - now available

    Now supports dark theme (if default in phone) and is much better for EVs as it doesn't move buttons while it's trying to figure vehicle state of charge. It's now open beta. Some people update the app and it's there, some iphone users are reporting it not being there. I installed and rebooted...
  3. Kinetic rope & soft shackle recovery incident

    Always best to learn from other's mistakes. A point being overlooked here starts at 37 minutes in when discussing the frame / bumper damage on the bronc. The recovery point sheered its mount and was in the process of pulling through the bumper that had already deformed 1.5" away from the...
  4. Google Gemini presents tri-coat white 14th gen F150

  5. New Ai vid breakthrough -- crazy

    This creates lifelike vids up to 60 seconds in length from text prompts alone. Didn't think it'd come this far this fast. WOW! Prompt: A stylish woman walks down a Tokyo street filled with warm glowing neon and animated city signage. She wears a black leather jacket, a long red dress, and...
  6. 1988 Police chase -- Cars were such turds

    This was back when the speed limit was capped at 55mph and they're still going dirt slow. Interesting how much vehicles have evolved, and for policing in general. Everything is far more intense and violent these days. Huge cringe at the cops setting themselves in each other's crossfire. That...
  7. 7.2kW System - reduced power output with extended idling in D

    Found this interesting tidbit in the manual. Given that nobody has ever mentioned it, it's probably a non-issue. If you're in drive and basically just sitting for an extended period of time, it reduces the inverter output.
  8. Brutal - Tow trucker says towing several per week GM 1/2 tons.

    Kinda speaks for itself. Says he's towing several per week for failed fuel pump modules and other electrical issues. Oh, and for reference DO NOT EVER LET A TOW TRUCK SECURE YOUR VEHICLE THROUGH PAINTED WHEELS. That's just really poor practice and will scratch them.

    Twin 12" digital displays, TOD transfer case, raptor transmission cooler setup. Uses BLISS combined with the displays to indicate someone approaching on foot. It appears they've moved to push to start instead of keyed ignition. https://www.ford.com/police-vehicles/f150-police-truck/
  10. Sync 3 (gen 13) cyber security issue found

    Doesn't pertain to us, but If you know any sync 3 owners, not sure if they've issued the patch https://media.ford.com/content/fordmedia/fna/us/en/news/2023/08/10/ford_provides-customer-guidance-in-response-to-supplier-disclosu.html
  11. Hackers been going nuts trying to get into MSoft account

    Anyone else getting bombarded with loads of attempts to login to their microsoft account? 100s just this year. Mainly out of DE, RU also seychelles and china. The login attempts are hilarious, but at the same time microsoft keeps on letting them try over and over again. You'd think they'd up...
  12. PB remote start warmup snapshot

    Overnight low 27f, test temp 31f , slight sun on hood. Can't help the forum enlarging images unfortunately. Remote start w/out even going to the truck. Fist screen shot due to slow connection of the app, here's 1m 45s post crank.. (Snake, I haven't seen the OAR move at all for weeks) 3m...
  13. vs. CyberTruck - A fair shake

    Pasted from the PB v 5.0 thread tangent here, a worthy continuation without clogging the thread, so if it's not a full list of immediate thoughts, forgive me..... The PB can scoot 600 miles on a tank of gas without much fuss, especially at 70mph. Some will get them closer to 700 miles. That's...
  14. Ford sync 4 integration module?

    Anyone have any word on using the vehicle's touch-screen display with external device? This would be rather handy to have. Emphasis added in regards to using it as an input device.
  15. Ford email - up to 35% off accessories Christmas deal

    Not sure if anything good, figured I'd pass it along https://www.fordpartscatalog.com/ Hrm, seems it's not ford "officially" so beats me.
  16. Heads up - CT's 285-65-20 tire is D load range

    Seems tesla coordinated with goodyear to make what is essentially a 35 x 11.5 20 in the D load range. Not sure when/if these will be available from retailers, but it's nice to see a lighter tire in this size potentially end up an option.
  17. CyberTruck's DC/DC + DCACA all in one unit

    They've combined the inverter and DC converter into a single module with its 48v architecture. Inverter Side (center components) - 48amps 240v sustained (11.5kW) - 110 amps peak inrush DC-DC (left side of image) -3kW sustained 48v output (sad 7.2kW PPoB noises)
  18. Ai generated movie 'preview'

    When you put sci-fi into sci-fi w/ a side of religion. It's both odd and fascinating.
  19. Wow -- this is guy is nuts

    Starts 4 minutes in
  20. Ford website vehicle dashboard update

    Nice to see they're showing my new wheels :ROFLMAO: At least they're happy to share the data they're collecting on you for your own uses...